Summer School 2014

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101. Introduction to Religion. (3) Study of meaning and value as expressed in religious thought, experience, and practice. Focus varies with instructor. (D)

    First Term (50856)/12:15-1:30 WING 210 Arthur

Second Term (50857)9:25-0:40WING 314 Whitaker          

103. Introduction to the Christian Tradition. (3) A study of Christian experience, thought, and practice. Focus varies with instructor. (D)

                   First Term (50557)/9:25-10:40 WING 209 Crow

      Second Term (50563)/01:40-2:55 WING 209 Crow

104. Introduction to Asian Religions. (3) Study of the thought and practices within the major religious traditions of South. Southeast, and East Asia.  Focus, region, and traditions may vary with instructor. (CD, D)

  First Term (50854)/9:25-10:40 WING 314 Whitaker

                Second Term (50859)/12:15-1:30 WING 314 Ramachandran

107. Introduction to African Religions. (3) Study of the basic features of African religious systems and institutions, with focus on the cultural, economic and political factors that have informed global preservations of an African worldview.  (CD,D)

                   First Term (50855)/10:50-12:05 WING 209 Ilesanmi

109. Introduction to Buddhist Traditions. (3) Study of the thought, history, and practices of Buddhist traditions in Asia. (CD, D)

        Second Term (50561)/10:50-12:05 WING 314 Whitaker

 362.  Topics in Islam.  (3)  Variable topics in Islam, history, thought, and/or practice.  May be repeated for credit if topic varies.  (CD)

                    Second Term (xxxxx)/ OFFC Morocco Darlene May

390.  Special Topics in Religion. (3) Religious topics of special interest.  May be repeated for credit.  Group I-III with department approval.  P-POI

Second Term (xxxxx)/ OFFC Indonesia and Amsterdam van Doorn-Harder

                      Travel Dates:   




151. Principles of Sociology. (3) General introduction to the field, social organization and disorganization, socialization, culture, social change, and other aspects. Required for all sociology majors and minors. (D)

First Term (50656)/9:25-10:40 TBA Bechtel

152.  Social Problem.  (3) Survey of contemporary American social problems.  (D)

            Second Term (50659)/10:50-12:05 ARR Wahl

153. Contemporary Families. (3) Social basis of the family, emphasizing the problems growing out of modern conditions and social change. (D)

Second Term (50660)/12:15-1:30 ARR Harnois

154. The Sociology of Deviant Behavior. (3) A sociological analysis of the nature and causes of and societal reaction to deviant behavior patterns such as mental illness, suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, sexual deviation, and criminal behavior. (D)

First Term (50657)/12:15-1:30  ARR Bechtel

347. Society, Culture, and Sport. (3) Examines the interrelationship of sport and other social institutions.  Emphasizes both the structure of sport and the functions of sport for society.

            First Term (50657)/10:50-12:05 ARR Yamane

398, 399. Individual Study. (1-3) Reading, research, or internship courses designed to meet the needs and interests of selected students, to be carried out under the supervision of a departmental faculty member.

First Term (xxxxx)/TBA Staff

Second Term (xxxxx)/TBA Staff



Intensive Summer Language Institute: (7)
The Intensive Summer Language Institute allows students to take 153 and 213 simultaneously in an immersion setting.  Neither class may be taken by itself.

153. Intensive Intermediate Spanish in an Immersion Setting. (4) Designed to enable students to achieve proficiency in Spanish language at the beginning-intermediate level by developing reading, writing, and conversation skills and preparing students for oral and written discussion of readings. Offered only in the summer. (ISLI) P—SPN 111 (SPN 112 strongly recommended); or SPA 111 (SPA 112 strongly recommended) or POI.

First Term A.(50188)/8:30-11:15 GRNE 320 Turner, Staff

                                  B.(50189)/8:30-11:15 GRNE 321 Turner, Staff

213. Encounters: Hispanic Literature and Culture. (3) Encounters with significant literary expressions from the Spanish-speaking world. Emphasis on the advancement of competence in speaking, reading and writing and on the analysis of literature in its cultural contexts. Highly recommended for prospective majors and minors. P—SPN 153 or SPA 153; or equivalent.

   First Term A(50190)/12:45-3:30 GRNE 512 Turner, Staff

                         B(50191)/12:45-3:30 GRNE 321 Turner, Staff


212. Exploring the Hispanic World. (3) Exploration of significant cultural expressions from the Spanish-speaking world. Emphasis both on the development of competence in speaking, reading and writing Spanish and on understanding how particular Hispanic societies have defined themselves. P—SPN 153 or SPA 153; or equivalent.

First Term (50192)/9:25-10:40 GRNE 513 Staff – Not offered 2014


316. Spanish Conversation. (3) Based on cultural material intended to increase students’ aural skills and oral proficiency by systematically increasing vocabulary and reinforcing command of specific grammatical points. Counts toward the major. Not open to students who have taken college courses in a Spanish-speaking country. Same as SPA 220. P— 200-level course or equivalent.

            First Term (50193)/10:50-12:05 GRNE 513 Staff – Not offered 2014

317. Literary and Cultural Studies of Spain. (3) Study of the cultural pluralism of Spain through selected literary and artistic works to promote understanding of Spain’s historical development. Same as SPA 217. P— 200-level course or POI. (CD)

             First Term (50196)/9:25-10:40 GRNE 514 Staff Not offered 2014

359, 659. Special Topics: Transatlantic literature and Culture. (3,3) Investigation of key areas in Spanish Languages research, such as dialectology, history, language acquisition, and usage.  May be repeated for credit. Same as SPA 388. P-SPN 321; or the combination of 319 or 316 and LIN 150; or POI

            Second Term (50299, 50300)/9:30-11:30 GRNE 514 Mayers – Not offered 2014





110. Introduction to the Theatre. (3) For the theatre novice. Survey of the theory and practice of the major disciplines of theatre art: acting, directing, play writing, and design. (D)

    First Term A-(50054)/12:15-1:30 SFAC 214 Davis
Second Term A-(50056)/10:50-12:05 SFAC 208 Murphy

130. Dynamics of Voice and Movement. (3) Building awareness of the actor’s instrument through the development of basic vocal and physical skills, emphasizing relaxation, clarity, expressiveness, and commitment, along with spontaneity, centering, and basic technical skills.

                 Second Term (50057)/12:15-1:30 SFAC 121 Roy

140. Acting I. (3) Fundamental acting theory and techniques including exercises, monologues, and scene work.

     First Term (50598)/10:50-12:05 SFAC 134 Andrews Cancelled 5-7-14

255. History of Costume. (3) Surveys the development of clothing and fashion with emphasis on historical and cultural influences and their application to costuming in art. (D)

      First Term (50243)/TBA   Cancelled


Women’s and Gender Studies



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