Summer School 2016

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Summer ImageCourses 101-199 are primarily for first-year students and sophomores; courses 200-299 are primarily for juniors and seniors; courses 301-399 are for advanced undergraduate students. Graduate courses are described in the bulletin of the Graduate School.

A normal load is two courses, or six undergraduate hours, in each five-week term. Unless otherwise indicated, classes for all courses, except laboratory science courses, meet daily Monday through Friday; and on two Saturdays, June 4 and June 18, in the first term; and on two Saturdays, July 16 and July 30 in the second term for periods of 75 minutes each. Science lecture and laboratory courses meet as indicated in the course listings.

Although such occurrences are rare, the University reserves the right not to offer courses in the summer session for which there are insufficient registrations; to modify, withdraw, or make substitutions for any course; and to change the instructor for any course indicated in this bulletin. The schedule supplement available at registration should be consulted for changes. Location of classes will also be indicated on the supplement.

Abbreviations Found in Course Descriptions

(#) -Indicates the number of hours earned for successful completion of the course. Follows the course title.

P – A course requires one or more prerequisite courses.

C – A course requires one or more corequisite courses.

P—POI -Permission of the instructor is required for registration.

P—POD – Permission of the department is required for registration.

(CD) – A course satisfies the cultural diversity requirement.

(D) – A course satisfies a divisional requirement.

(QR) – A course satisfies the quantitative reasoning requirement.

Building Codes

ANTL Anthropology Laboratory Building

ANTM Anthropology Museum

ANTP Physical Anthropology Lab

CALL Calloway Hall

CARS Carswell Hall

GRNE Greene Hall

KRBY Kirby Hall

MANC Manchester Hall

OFFC Off Campus

OLIN Olin Hall

SALM Salem Hall

SFAC Scales Fine Arts Center

TRIB Tribble Hall

WING Wingate Hall

WINS Winston Hall

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