111 – People & Cultures of the World (3 credit hours)

Representative ethnographic survey of world cultures. Credit toward the major or minor not given for both ANT 111 and ANT 114. (CD, D)

First Session Course:

  • 51527 – 9:25AM-10:40AM – ANTL 101,  Ference

Second Session Course:

  • 51784 – 9:25AM-10:40AM – ANTL 101  Ference

114 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 credit hours)

Investigates and interprets the cultural diversity of the world’s peoples through an understanding of economic, social, and political systems; law, ritual, symbol, and religion; language and culture; gender, kinship and the family; and globalization and culture change. Credit toward the major or minor not given for both ANT 111 and ANT 114. (CD, D)

First Session Course:

  • 51783 – 10:50AM-12:05PM – ANTL 101  Ference

Second Session Course:

  • 51822 – 10:50AM-12:05PM – ANTL 101  Ference

381, 382 – Field Program in Anthropological Archaeology (3 credit hours)

Integrated training in archaeological field methods and analytical techniques for researching human prehistory. Students learn archaeological survey, mapping, excavation, recording techniques, and artifact and ecofact recovery and analysis. P—ANT 111 or 112 or 113 or 114, or POI. (D)

First Session Course:

  • 51893 (381) – TBA,  Jones
  • 51894 (382) – TBA,  Jones

385 – Special Problems Seminar: Trail of Tears

The summer field program facilitates student research, cultural immersion, service, and travel through team-taught experiential and place-based education strategies.  The field program traces the historical significance of the Trail of Tears event for the Cherokee Nation and its public interpretation today by leading students along the modern roads atop the historical Northern Land Route.  Collaborators include the Trail of Tears Association, National Park Service, and the Cherokee Center for Native Health.

In addition to the regular summer school tuition, students will be asked to contribute an extra $500 for travel expenses. Travel for this course will take place June 5-14.

First Session Course:

  • 51888 – MTWR, 10:00AM-12:00PM – WING 314,  Wiethaus & Gurstelle

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