210 – Doing the Right Thing: Ethical Decision-Making in Biology and Medicine (3 credit hours) – Online

Examines contemporary issues in bioethics, including responsible conduct in research, implications of technological advances in biology, environmental issues, and controversies in health care and medical practice. P—BIO 114 or POI.

Full Session Course:

  • 51831 – R, 7:00PM-8:30PM – Online, Gibson

326 – Microbiology (4 credit hours)

Structure, function, and taxonomy of microorganisms with emphasis on bacteria. Topics include microbial ecology, industrial microbiology, and medical microbiology. Lab emphasizes microbial diversity through characterizations of isolates from nature. Credit will not be granted for both BIO 226 and BIO 326. P—BIO 213 and 214, CHM 122.

First Session Course:

  • 50555 – 9:25AM-11:10AM – WINS 104, Curran

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