110 – Public Speaking (3 credit hours)

Study of the theory and practice of public address.  Lab experiences in the preparation, delivery, and critique of informative and persuasive speeches. (D)

First Session Course:

  • 50158 – 10:50AM-12:05PM – CARS 102, Green

120 – Introduction to Film & Media Aesthetics (3 credit hours) – Online

Introduction to the major theories and aesthetics of motion pictures and other media forms through a study of styles related to writing, directing, cinematography, editing, and sound. (D)

Full Summer Course:

  • 51541 – Online, Dalton

220 – Empirical Research in Communication (3 credit hours) – Online

Introduction to methodological design and univariate statistics as used in communication research. (QR)

First Session Course:

  • 51836 – Online, Giles

245 – Introduction to Mass Communication (3 credit hours)

Historical survey of mass media and an examination of major contemporary media issues. (D)

First Session Course:

  • 51258 – 9:25AM-10:40AM – CARS 102, Mitra

280 – Communication Internship I (3 credit hours)

Individual communication internships to be approved, supervised, and evaluated by an appropriate faculty adviser. Pass/Fail only. P—POI.

First or Second Session Courses:

  • POI only – Please contact the Communication Department for more information.

286 – Individual Study (1-3 credit hours)

Directed study in an area of interest to be approved and supervised by a faculty adviser. P—POI.

First or Second Session Courses:

  • POI only – Please contact the Communication Department for more information.

313 – Film History Since 1945 (3 credit hours)

Survey of the development of motion pictures from 1946 to the present day. Includes lectures, readings, reports, and screenings.

Second Session Course:

  • 51540 – 12:15PM-1:30PM – CARS 005, Jarrett

318 – Culture and the Sitcom (3 credit hours) – Online

Explores the intersection of American culture and the television situation comedy, one of the oldest and most ubiquitous forms of television programming.

Full Summer Course:

  • 51273 – Online, Dalton
  • 51374 – Online, Dalton

323 – Superheroes, Cinema and American Mythology (3 credit hours) – Online

Examines the emergence of superhero films in American cinema as a representation and response to historical and ideological contexts.

First Session Course:

  • 51545 – Online, Hood

346 – Sports, Media, and Communication (3 credit hours)

Examines the role of sport in society, cultural, and institutional practice. Surveys the values represented by interpersonal and mediated messages regarding key dimensions of sport including competition, ethics, gender, and race

Second Session Course:

  • 51739 – 10:50AM-12:05PM – CARS 005, Llewellyn

348 – Legal Theory, Practice and Communication (3 credit hours)

Introduces students to legal education, the legal system and legal analysis. (Co-taught by law and communication faculty – See “Special Programs-Summer Law School Program” for more information on COM 348 & COM 349).

First Session Course:

  • 51279 – May 30-June 21 – 9:00AM-12:00PM – WOPC 2321, Llewellyn, Coughlin, Parker

349 – Advocacy, Debate and the Law (3 credit hours)

Students develop and critique speeches, debates, trial practice and moot court across a variety of legal speaking venues. (Co-taught by law and communication faculty – See “Special Programs-Summer Law School Program” for more information on COM 348 & COM 349).

First Session Course:

  • 51254 – May 30-June 21 – 1:30PM-4:30PM – WOPC 2321, Atchison, Coughlin, Parker

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