Computer Science

111 – Introduction to Computer Science (4 credit hours) – Online

Lecture and laboratory.  Introduction to the basic concepts of computer programming and algorithmic problem solving for students with little or no programming experience.  Recommended as the first course for students considering a major or minor in computer science, also appropriate for students who want computing experience applicable to other disciplines.  The programming language used and the focus will vary. May not be repeated for credit.  Lab, 2 hours. (D)

First Session Course:

  • 51873 – T, 12:00PM-1:00PM – Online, Thomas
  • 51929 – W, 6:00PM-7:00PM – Online, Thomas

Second Session Course:

  • 51912 – 9:25AM-10:40AM – MANC 229, Freedman

112 – Fundamentals of Computer Science (4 credit hours)

Lecture and laboratory. Problem solving and program construction using top-down design, data abstraction, and object-oriented programming. Memory addressing, dynamic memory allocation, and linear data structures are introduced. Lab—2 hours. P—CSC 111 or POI. (D)

Second Session Course:

  • 51790 – 9:25AM-10:40AM – MANC 241, Mukkavilli

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