BuchenTestimonial by Daniel Buchen

The weeks I spent learning biochemistry in London, Cambridge, and Paris constitute one of the most intellectually stimulating and academically rewarding experiences I’ve had in college so far.

I found that I surprisingly enjoyed the various trips to museums and institutes, as I was initially apprehensive of the course’s educational excursions. However, the learning and research we did, both in and outside of class, on famous scientific discoveries and their underlying biochemistry, greatly assisted in making each museum visit far more interesting than I had initially anticipated. I particularly enjoyed the Science Museum and the Alexander Flemming Museum.

In addition to the scheduled activities, my time abroad also included myriad supplementary trips and activities. Of these, my favorites were attending a Mumford & Sons concert, a weekend trip to Scotland, visiting the Louvre in Paris, watching the Tour de France, and visiting the Harry Potter studio in London. Without a doubt, the hardest part of taking biochemistry abroad was balancing the fun and adventure of being in Europe with my own intensely high standards for academic achievement. However, after having completed two full years of college, I can confidently say that I had by then acquired the time management and organizational skills necessary to accomplish this task with relatively few bumps in the road.

Overall, I could not speak more highly of both the experience I had while participating in this program and of Dr. Alexander herself. I strongly feel that I have received the full complement of knowledge I would have expected to learn in a full semester of biochemistry, and the quality of instruction I received was truly high class.



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