The Art of Printmaking with Professor David Faber

Testimonial by Debbie Crotts (Jennings)

Debbie Crotts JenningsTwo years ago, I discovered the Art Department at Wake Forest and immediately felt a strong connection and a compelling desire to be there, specifically in the Printmaking Studio.  Seeing the possibilities of Print creation on the walls, talking with Professor Faber, and reading his book confirmed for me that there was much to explore and learn.  Professor Faber is not only extremely gifted and talented with all areas of art, his enthusiasm is shared with each student, making all of us strive to be a better artist.  He vividly illustrates class teachings and requirements, and is respected by his students for taking the time to help each of us see deeply and to understand.

Summer School is absolutely the very best time to hone one’s printmaking skills and to deepen their understanding of art.  By meeting everyday, often pre and post class time, the momentum creates the perfect intensity and continuity for setting and achieving one’s printmaking goals.  It is more conducive to working on multiple projects concurrently, and one never forgets “what page they are on”. There is so much to learn about the art and science of Printmaking that the knowledge base keeps expanding with each step, each day, each class and each experience.

There are no “cons” to Summer School, as one just has to commit to the time.  I am confident that I achieved a greater understanding of the principles that Professor Faber was teaching because of the condensed timeframe.  I would recommend it for anyone who is truly interested and focused on revealing an art vision.


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