ISLI Summer Program

Testimonial by Erin Reeve

What drew you to the summer ISLI program?

I had heard a lot about the ISLI program on campus from other students who had taken it in prior summer sessions.

Why did you take this class in the summer and did that decision prove to be a good one for you?

I was really worried about taking Spanish before the ISLI program because I was not the best at it in high school. I heard that taking the ISLI program over the summer was better for those who struggled with foreign language due to the long hours during the day and the teachers that were readily available to help. Fortunately, the hours did not seem that long, but I did not struggle as much as I thought. In fact, I ended up learning a lot and making great connections with my peers and the staff! A lot of the students that took ISLI went on to take even more Spanish classes, too.

Would you recommend summer study to others: what are the pros and cons?

I would recommend ISLI to other Wake Forest students because, it is a great and interactive way to learn Spanish. From trying different homemade, Spanish cuisines to eating at various restaurants, we literally got a taste of Spain! We, also, got to watch movies and learned about the Spanish culture with powerpoints, games and activities (even soccer!). It was a great way for me, someone who was intimidated by foreign language and uninterested at first, to learn Spanish! The teachers were great, too. Although I would like to pretend it was all fun and games, when it came to the more serious business, such as exam or composition time, the professors were always readily available to meet at Starbucks or in the classroom to talk about papers or missed questions.

What was special about your summer course experience?

I think the most important and special part of the ISLI program for me were the connections I made with the staff. I’m vegan, so it was hard for them to make food or plan for my vegan diet during meal time. Although the staff could have ignored my dietary needs (and told me to eat McDonalds’!), they were always accommodating. I think Professor Turner even did some external research about the vegan diet! I will never forget how great the professors were during the program. In fact, I still keep up with them today!


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