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  1. The minimum enrollment for a course to be offered is 6 students.
  2. If a given class does not meet minimum student enrollment numbers, the instructor may choose to cancel the class or offer it with a reduction in salary.
  3. Stipends for summer teaching are based upon enrollment numbers in each individual course being tayght.  If a faculty member is scheduled to teach two courses in one term, the total stipend provided is based upon the course enrollment of each individual course, as opposed to a combined or aggregate course enrollment.
  4. Should it be decided the a scheduled class will be cancelled, the following deadlines will pertain:
    • For courses scheduled for Summer 1, cancellation will occur at 5PM on Friday, May 2.
    • For courses scheduled for Summer 2, cancellation will occur at 5PM on Friday, May 30.

These guidelines will make it possible for both faculty and students to adjust their summer plans accordingly.

  1. Registration for either or both summer terms starts on Monday, March 16 and will continue through the end of the day on May 30. Active recruitment is strongly recommended in order to ensure the success of each summer class.
  2. The 2015 summer stipend schedule will remain as it was in 2014. In keeping with faculty rank and standing, the appropriate percentage of fringe benefits will be paid additionally.
  3. For those students who choose to register after the May 30 deadline, they must first visit the Finance and Accounting Services office to obtain an approval form to register and then proceed to the Registrar’s Office for registration. It is also possible to register between the hours of 9:00 and 10:30 AM on the first day of each summer term in the Registrar’s Office
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