GarsideWake’s Summer School Program: Maintaining a Competitive Edge

Testimonial by Jordan Garside

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” While most of my peers were squeezing out what was left of their summer vacation, I joined a relatively small group of students and athletes and participated in Wake’s Summer School Program. Although just a month long, we benefited from an in-depth academic environment that facilitated our growth as students. The class I enrolled in (Pol 252: Globalization) explored a complicated, multi-faceted issue confronting the world. Due to the small nature of the class, my fellow students and I were able to engage with our Professor and explore certain topics that would have otherwise been inaccessible in the normal Fall and/or Spring semester. Also, in addition to helping me get ahead on required hours, the Summer Program enabled me to become further acclimated with both the campus and my peers. In my opinion, this Program gives an academic and social edge to those who enroll. For example, prior to my first Fall semester, I had to attend the Summer program due to obligations with the football team. During this time, I became better acquainted with the school, the professors, my peers, and the workload. In short, the time I have invested in the Summer Program has certainly paid dividends in almost every aspect of my college career including: academically, socially, physically, and personally.



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