Comparative Physiology with Dr. Lane

Testimonial by Justin Hess

Justin HessOn the day I found out that I was going to Wake Forest, I knew the next four years were going to be challenging, yet greatly rewarding. Keeping this I’m mind, I decided to take a summer course, Comparative Physiology under Dr. Lane, the summer before my freshman year. This benefited me in three major ways. First, it introduced me to the style and intensity of a college course. Instead of having to go into my first fall semester not knowing what to expect, I was much more prepared on what to expect from Wake Forest classes. The second benefit that summer school provided was that it gave me the opportunity to take fewer hours during the fall semester and more time to focus on each class. Lastly, taking this summer course provided the huge advantage of an even smaller class size, than typically offered at Wake, and more personal connection with my teacher. A class size of only 15 to 20 for a very popular biology class and teacher was beneficial enough for me to recommend taking a summer course.

After completing my freshman year, I  decided to take another summer course at Wake. For my interests after college, I knew I had to eventually take one of the most dreaded courses at Wake: Organic Chemistry. Remembering the benefits I gained from taking a biology course over the summer, I realized there was no better time to take organic chemistry than during the summer. Sure enough, the class size was smaller than it would have be in the fall or spring and consistently allowed me more access to my teacher whether it was a  simple question after class or going over a test. Also, after taking this summer class, I now have the opportunity to take only 12 hours next semester without falling behind.

Overall, while summer classes may move at a faster pace, the repetition of going to class every day helps counter it, and all that is left are the benefits. Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend taking a summer course at Wake Forest.

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