Introduction to Religion with Dr. Crow

Testimonial by Katrina Mayes

Katrina MayesMany people ask me, “Why would you ever go to summer school?”, “Are you not tired of school?” “Wouldn’t you like to have a summer?” I respond simply, “I am having a summer and yes, I might be tired of studying every night, but I am studying something I enjoy.” Currently, I am taking an Introduction to Religion course for my divisional requirement. I was thinking about taking a history or philosophy class to fulfill the requirement, but was more interested in learning about different religions and cultures. More importantly I could not turn down the incredible recommendations I heard around campus of the Religion Department staff. I had very limited knowledge about the religions of the world and often confused them. Even though the class was only four weeks long, it seemed like I was only there for one week. Every class period, Dr. Crow would engage class discussions and share his stories, and I didn’t even feel like I was in lecture. As a rising Senior I have been through my fair share of classes, some long and strenuous, others enjoyable and stress-free. Introduction to Religion was neither; it was in its own category – informative and interactive. I would recommend this class to any student at Wake Forest.

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