Kshipra HeadshotTestimonial by Kshipra Hemal

“As a visiting student, I came with the intention of ‘getting Calculus II over with,’ during the summer so I could transfer the credit and move forward with my major requirements in the fall.

Additionally, I took an intro course with Wake’s Religion department, about which I had heard terrific things. Both classes went above and beyond my expectations. I think the short, intensive nature of summer session was the best part about it, even for something like calculus. I thought I would object to how fast the material was presented but frankly, seeing and doing calculus every day helped me grasp the concepts faster than I would have in a regular term. For a course that I was dreading to take, Calculus II turned out to be pretty fun and manageable.

My religion class was the perfect respite from calculus and also the best humanities course I have ever taken. The faculty at Wake is phenomenal and having a summer class with them is probably the best time to learn because class sizes are small, distractions are few, and ZSR is never crowded. Everyone from administration to fellow students to faculty was very welcoming and I got a lot out of my five weeks here!”



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