Overseas Programs

Wait Chapel, on the campus of Wake Forest University, Friday, September 5, 2014.Contact the Center for Global Programs and Studies for information on our overseas and study abroad opportunities.

Europe Programs

WFU/EuroTour — (HST 102) (D) or (THE 255) (D) Explore some of Europe’s greatest cities while using famous galleries and museums as your classrooms. Visit 9 cities in 8 countries over 34 days while getting divisional credit. Sue Rupp, HST, rupp@wfu.edu. Mary Wayne-Thomas, THE, wayne@wfu.edu. Sum I.

WFU/Jena, Germany – German Language Study (GER 208) Complete the German language divisional while living in the picturesque German university town of Jena. Experience German life and culture in homestays with local families. GER 153 offered on campus Sum I. Molly Knight, German: knightml@wfu.edu. Sum II.

WFU/London – Organic Chemistry II (CHM 223) Learn the principles and reactions of organic chemistry and introductory biochemistry in London, a required course for Chemistry majors and pre-health students. Students live and learn on Queen Mary University campus. Mark Welker, Chemistry: welker@wfu.edu. Sum II.

WFU/Salamanca – Internships in Spain (SPA 199, SPA 391, SPA 303, SPA 315, SPA 319) Spanish language internships offered in a number of professional areas, such as the business, COM, health professions, politics, & social services. SPA courses available upon demand. Housing with Spanish families. Kathryn Mayers, SPA: mayerskm@wfu.edu. Sum I.

WFU/Salamanca – Spanish Language, Literature and Culture (SPA 212) Complete the Spanish language requirement and improve your language skills abroad in a beautiful, university town. Multiple day excur-sions to different cultural highlights of Spain. Homestays with Spanish families. Kathryn Mayers, SPA: mayerskm@wfu.edu. Sum I.

WFU/Sorrento – Italian Language (ITA 111, ITA 112, ITA 153, ITA 213 and HMN 216 (D) Take Italian in a beautiful town, overlooking the Bay of Naples. Multiple levels of Italian language courses offered. Housing with Italian families. All students take Lit divisional taught by WFU professor. Roberta Morosini, ITA: morosir@wfu.edu. Sum I.

WFU/Tours – French Language Study (FRH 212 or 216 + 6hrs of French transfer credit) French language study in the beautiful city of Tours, situated along the banks of the Loire River, an hour from Paris. Students can earn up to 9 hrs of French credit over a 6 week program. Elizabeth Anthony, French: anthonye@wfu.edu. Sum I.

WFU/Venice (Casa Artom) – Innovation and Creativity (ESE 200) View design thinking and ideation through the eyes of Leonardo DaVinci: artist, mathematician, anatomist, engineer and innovator and gain a unique perspective on the practice of entrepreneurship . Bill Conner, BIO: conner@wfu.edu. Sum I.

WFU/Vienna (Flow House, Sum 1) – The Life and Economics of Joseph A. Schumpeter (ECN 271) (D) Explore Schumpeter’s idea of creative destruction and the role played by entrepreneurs in the evolution of market economies, using local Viennese, Austrian and multinational companies like Uber and Netflix as examples. John Dalton, ECN: daltonjt@wfu.edu. Sum I.

WFU/Vienna (Flow House, Sum 2) – Relational Communication (COM 113 or COM 370) (D) Explore relationships within a cultural context with a focus on Vienna and Austria. Study common cultural values while appreciating the complexity of differences within the broader culture. Steve Giles, COM: gilessm@wfu.edu. Sum II.

Asia/Pacific Programs

WFU/Australia – Ecology and Resource Management (BIO 356) Travel through the ecosystems of Australia conducting field exercises that focus on ecosystem functions, resource management and conservation. Visit the Great Barrier Reef, a tropical rainforest, and the Outback. Bob Browne, BIO: brownera@wfu.edu. Sum I.

WFU/India – Culture and Communication in India (COM 370) Examine the ways in which Indian cultural practices have hybridized with traditional components of Indian culture and  global trends. Travel to multiple regions of India concluding with a service program in the Himalayas.  Ananda Mitra, COM: ananda@wfu.edu. Sum II.

WFU/Nepal – Culture and Mental Health (ANT 383 & ANT 384) Conduct research on social status and work on a development project assessing community needs of marginalized people. Needs focus on poverty, education, health and the needs of women and children. Steve Folmar, Anthropology: folmarsj@wfu.edu. Sum I.

Latin America Programs

WFU/Cuba – Cuban Culture and Society (SPA 329 or SPA 369) Explore Cuban culture through lectures, workshops and artistic performances by local artists, writers, historians, and scholars. Travel to historical sites and engage in cultural and social entrepreneurship projects. Linda Howe, SPA: howels@wfu.edu. Sum I.

WFU/Peru – Tropical Biodiversity and Environmental Journalism (BIO 349 & JOU 288) A biological and journalistic trek across Peru from the Atacama, the world’s driest desert, across the Andes to the Amazon Basin. Look at the environmental, biological, and human factors affecting diversity, and learn how to report on, photograph, film and write about it in terms of science, adventure, and travel. Miles Silman, BIO: silmanmr@wfu.edu or Justin Catanoso, JOU: catanojj@wfu.edu. Sum I.

Africa/Middle East Programs

WFU/Israel – Field Research in Biblical Archaeology (REL 315) A hands-on introduction to the archaeological excavation methods and practices common in the exploration of ancient Near Eastern sites. Investigate the history of ancient Israel and its neighbors through lectures and field trips. Leann Pace, REL: pacelc@wfu.edu. Sum II.

WFU/Internships Abroad

WFU offers international internship programs in Dublin, London, Madrid, Paris  and Prague. Internships are customized to fit your academic and professional goals. Internships can accommodate almost every major and are for credit. Mike Tyson, GPS: tysonmj@wfu.edu.