PoulinEcology and Resource Management of Northeast Australia with Dr. Browne

Testimonial by Sarah Poulin

My summers have always been a time for travel and adventures, my chance to take a break from the busy school year. This past summer I was able to combine both the fun of exploring a new place while also being in a school setting by taking Ecology and Resource Management of Northeast Australia, a biology course offered through Wake Forest abroad in Australia, during the summer session.

When I got to college and started looking into study abroad options, I was unsure if I was ready to delve into an entire semester of being in a completely different country. I knew that I still wanted some sort of abroad experience though, so when I came across the summer Australia course offered by Wake I immediately became interested. The overall experience I had with the program was phenomenal. Just the atmosphere and scenery of Australia was enough to make me enjoy my stay, but being able to learn so much about the ecology and history of the area from both our Wake professor Dr. Browne and local professors from the Australian universities made the trip so much more meaningful. We were able to go on day hikes with locals and see firsthand the plants and wildlife we learned about in our lectures. We got to snorkel and swim with the corals of the Great Barrier Reef that we discussed in class. We could ask the Aboriginal people about the real effects of events we read about in our textbooks on their lives today.

I learned so much about this incredible place in the short month we were there. Between the flora of the Daintree Forest, the vastness of the Outback, and the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, I made so many memories that I will never forget and opened my mind to so many new things. I am so fortunate that Wake gave me the opportunity to take this class in such an amazing place. Whenever asked about my experience with summer classes, I strongly encourage others to take a chance on a program like this one, where you can do something new and exciting with your summer while still furthering your education as well.


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