The Printmaking Experience

Testimonial by Taylor Adams

Taylor AdamsThroughout my time in this printmaking class, I have experienced an immense amount of emotions, not only due to my art, but this creative process has allowed me to think more consciously about my life outside the studio. At the start of this class, I was excited to be able to take such an interesting class with materials I’d never seen or heard of before. After working on my plate, I continued to become more and more frustrated with my artistic abilities. It didn’t look perfect, so I was unhappy, that is just so typical for me. But after having been in this class for about 5 weeks, I have learned to embrace those “mistakes” and really find the beauty in them.

Finding beauty in flaws is something I’ve been so conflicted with for a long time. I have a hard time seeing through to the message that is portrayed by the art. After having worked on my plate so tediously, I have fallen further and further in love with it. Not only do I have a new respect for my own work and all of the little details that make it what it is, but also I can appreciate the work of other artists. Things I might have seen before as a slip of the hand or something that didn’t look good, I now take in its purpose and its appeal.

When watching the film on Robert Rauschenberg, I was intrigued and fascinated by many of his pieces. A lot of the pieces that I loved, I would have shrugged off as unimportant and unpleasant. It is almost as if I am able to look through a piece of art now and have it somehow apply to my life. I know that art is artists’ expression of themselves, but by being able to relate some piece of work to my life gives me a stronger connection to the piece.

This class has caused me to see broader possibilities through my life and I have changed through this artistic process. I have experienced highs and lows and in betweens, but I am so thankful for all of that. This journey has caused me to relax a little bit; to not be as stiff for lack of a better word. This might seem silly, but it is a monumental change that I have made throughout the time I’ve been in this class. I have decided to change my major from Business to Communications with a double minor in film studies and journalism. I believe that it was my learning to release in the studio that led me to this conclusion. Business was something that sounded good and looked good, but it was something that was going to ultimately make me unhappy. I was willing to be miserable in all of my classes, and sacrifice all of my extracurricular activities just to say that I graduated with a degree in Business.

Through the artistic process, I have learned to let go of a lot of the things I can’t control. I can’t control my weakness in mathematics, so why don’t I do something that I have strength in? Communicating, networking, and relationships are strengths I can continue to work on, and that’s what I’ll learn how to improve through a Communications degree.

So thank you Professor Faber, for being hard on me and pushing me to see things that I was previously blind to. Thank you for opening my eyes to the real world and allowing me to let my ideas of perfect and right fizzle out. I immensely appreciate the encouragement you continue to give and the belief you have in me. You most certainly deserve that A+ grade.


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