Summer School Testimonials

Daniel Buchen – “The weeks I spent learning biochemistry in London, Cambridge, and Paris constitute one of the most intellectually stimulating and academically rewarding experiences I’ve had in college so far…”

Jordan Garside “Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” While most of my peers were squeezing out what was left of their summer vacation, I joined a relatively small group of students and athletes and participated in Wake’s Summer School Program…”

Kshipra Hemal “As a visiting student, I came with the intention of ‘getting Calculus II over with,’ during the summer so I could transfer the credit and move forward with my major requirements in the fall…”

Phoebe Kershaw “Taking summer classes allowed me the opportunity to really focus my studies and dedicate all my time and energy to subjects I was really passionate about.  I really encourage students to utilize summer school as it enables you to get the most out of a class without the added distractions that come with the semesters and a full class load.”

Luke KohlerI was nearly thirty years old when I decided to attend college for the first time. As a father, husband and small business owner, I felt confident in the navigation of nearly every situation…”

Sarah PoulinMy summers have always been a time for travel and adventures, my chance to take a break from the busy school year. This past summer I was able to combine both the fun of exploring a new place while also being in a school setting by taking Ecology and Resource Management of Northeast Australia, a biology course offered through Wake Forest abroad in Australia, during the summer session…”


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