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Taylor Adams “Throughout my time in this printmaking class, I have experienced an immense amount of emotions, not only due to my art, but this creative process has allowed me to think more consciously about my life outside the studio. At the start of this class, I was excited to be able to take such an interesting class with materials I’d never seen or heard of before.  …”

Debbie Crotts “… Summer School is absolutely the very best time to hone one’s printmaking skills and to deepen their understanding of art.  By meeting everyday, often pre and post class time, the momentum creates the perfect intensity and continuity for setting and achieving one’s printmaking goals.  It is more conducive to working on multiple projects concurrently, and one never forgets “what page they are on”. …”

Tori Erb “My decision to participate in summer school was not an easy one. When I think of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is usually something like traveling to an exotic place or relaxing by the beach- not studying in the library.  Although I am not sure of my ultimate career path, I want to pursue a career in the sciences. …”

Tyler Haddad “I was originally drawn to the ISLI program simply for the opportunity to complete two Spanish courses in such a short period of time.  I had struggled with foreign language in the past and knew that the sooner I finished the requirement, the better. …”

Justin Hess “On the day I found out that I was going to Wake Forest, I knew the next four years were going to be challenging, yet greatly rewarding. Keeping this I’m mind, I decided to take a summer course, Comparative Physiology under Dr. Lane, the summer before my freshman year. This benefited me in three major ways. …”

Ann Hollingsworth “Intensive Summer Language Institute:  the name says it all.  To register for ISLI, the student must have a passion for either learning the language (Spanish in my case), or for finishing the famous language requirement here at Wake.  Attending class for 6+ hours every day can be taxing, but also very rewarding. …”

Blitz Hoppe “… I enjoyed everything about the ISLI program–the faculty, the classes, the other students in the program.  It is definitely a top-notch program.  The faculty really engaged me and challenged me to learn the material and improve my speaking skills.  Senora Turner’s enthusiasm for the program was evident and she created an atmosphere that really motivated me. …”

Christopher Kim “… I would definitely recommend the course to others who are also pre-med or thinking about the pre-med track. The pros of the course is that taking it over the summer enables students to focus solely on organic chemistry II during the summer, rather than trying to balance the coursework of the lab and lecture with other extracurricular commitments and other courses during the regular semester …”

Katrina Mayes “Many people ask me, “Why would you ever go to summer school?”, “Are you not tired of school?” “Wouldn’t you like to have a summer?” I respond simply, “I am having a summer and yes, I might be tired of studying every night, but I am studying something I enjoy.” …”

Mary Alyce McCullough “… Taking the course during the summer was the best decision I could have made. I was able to fully dedicate myself to a subject and perform to the best of my ability. At the same time I was able to simply take advantages of some of the resources on campus. I spent time reading in the library, looking at the art collections, and just walking through the gardens at the Reynolda House. I had the time to slow down and notice the beauty of Wake again while accomplishing an academic goal. I’m very grateful that. …”

Graham McHenry “… When I arrived on campus as a freshman here at Wake Forest I had myself convinced that the school year was a time for in-class learning and academic exploration, while the summer months represented a time for relaxation and recharging of one’s physical and mental batteries.  Due to this strong but, relatively unfounded belief, I told myself that summer school would not be an option during my stay at Wake …”

Erin Reeve “… I would recommend ISLI to other Wake Forest students because, it is a great and interactive way to learn Spanish. From trying different homemade, Spanish cuisine to eating at various restaurants, we literally got a taste of Spain! We, also, got to watch movies and learned about the Spanish culture with powerpoints, games and activities (even soccer!). …”

Nicole Weiler “… For me, chemistry has always been the subject that has been most challenging.  After my own positive experience taking General Chemistry I during the summer of 2010, I decided to complete the organic chemistry components of my degree this summer.  …”

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