ISLI Summer Program

Testimonial by Tyler Haddad

Tyler HaddadI was originally drawn to the ISLI program simply for the opportunity to complete two Spanish courses in such a short period of time.  I had struggled with foreign language in the past and knew that the sooner I finished the requirement, the better.  However, even on the first day, I was having a great time interacting with my classmates and professors.  Although I was initially uncomfortable with the material, The ISLI environment makes every student feel at ease.  An immersion program is spectacular for improving foreign language skills because it allows for practice in a variety of scenarios throughout the day.  The curriculum is engineered to include entertaining activities that promote discussion and skill development.

Since being a part of ISLI, I have been recommending it to anyone who can still take it.  I have taken Spanish classes in the Fall and Spring semesters and can attest that the summer program is the best way to learn Spanish.  Not only that, but I truly enjoyed coming to class every day.  The professors instilled such a strong enthusiasm for the language that I now intend on further studying Spanish in an advanced immersion program.  To enter as a student who just wanted to finish off a requirement to one who has obtained a new interest and hobby in just 6 weeks is truly remarkable.  I loved everything about the program and encourage anyone interested in Spanish or those looking to finish their requirement to register for ISLI.  It is a wonderful opportunity that you will not regret!


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