Online Vehicle Registration

Summer image of campus

All automobiles, both for residential and commuting students, must be registered with the parking management office on or before the same day that the student registers for courses. Vehicles are registered online on the Wake Information Network (WIN). Go to the “personal” section to register your vehicle. The registration fee for four-wheel vehicles is $75 for one summer term. The summer registration fee for motorcycles and other two-wheel, motor-driven vehicles is $15 for each summer term. (Please note that motorcycles cannot be registered online.) Fees are nonrefundable. If a student registers for courses and later decides to bring an automobile on campus, the automobile must be registered online the same day that it is brought to the campus. In all cases, once the vehicle is registered online, permits must be picked up from the parking management office.

Students with off-campus/satellite passes only who plan to park on campus for summer session must re-register their vehicles in the parking management office.

Vehicles registered for the entire 2013-14 academic year do not need to re-register for summer parking permits. (See page 4 of the Summer Sessions bulletin for more information on the registration policy.)



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