Organic Chemistry 2 with Dr. Tomlinson

Testimonial by Tori Erb

Tori ErbMy decision to participate in summer school was not an easy one. When I think of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is usually something like traveling to an exotic place or relaxing by the beach- not studying in the library. Although I am not sure of my ultimate career path, I want to pursue a career in the sciences. Organic Chemistry 2 (or General Chemistry 2) is a co-requisite for my degree of a Bachelor of Science in Biology. It is also a requirement for medical school which I am considering. After talking to several of my professors and graduate students, I knew it would be in my best interest to take the course to keep all my doors open.

Several factors led me to take this course during the summer session as opposed to a semester.  I had just taken Organic Chemistry 1 in the Spring so the material was fresh in my mind. I am also going abroad in the Fall and did not want to get behind or have to squeeze several science courses (with labs) into a semester. The last reason I decided to take summer school was because I knew there would be less distractions and this has had the biggest impact on my academic experience. Before I came back for session 1, I told myself that school would be my “job” for the month.  It was going to be a lot of material in a very short period of time, so I accepted the challenge and welcomed the ZSR Library as my temporary home.

By taking summer school I am able to have the best of both worlds because I get to study abroad and I keep my options open with regard to graduate school. Giving up the beach and maintaining complete focus and commitment to the class was only half the battle though; being able to actually understand the class was the rest! Luckily for me, Dr. Tomlinson, my professor, has made all the difference by making the vast amount of material more easily understandable and making my experience the best it could be. It has been a lot of work but taking summer school has been one of the best academic experiences I’ve had during my time at Wake Forest.

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