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Wake Forest University students who are attending the University in the spring semester and plan to attend the summer session do not need to fill out the Application for Summer School. Students who are enrolled at Wake Forest in the 2016 spring semester may register March 14 through May 31, 2016. Payment of tuition for summer sessions by June 1 assures the student of space in the classes for which he or she has registered. Once registered, should the student decide NOT to attend the summer term(s), he or she must be mindful of the following financial regulation:

  • Students are responsible for officially dropping courses to be eligible for a refund.
  • Not attending a registered course or failure to pay for a course does not release you from financial obligation.

Rarely is it the case that a summer session class will be cancelled.  However, the University reserves the right to do so if enrollment is insufficient to justify offering the course.  Should this happen, the affected students will be notified and every effort will be made to assist the students in their search for a different course.

Semester online information:

All other categories of students admitted for the summer may pay their tuition and register for courses as their applications are approved. The letter of admission to the visiting student from the associate dean of Summer School and special academic projects will specify the procedure for registration. Undergraduate Readmission Students who have attended the University but who are not now in residence must apply to the associate dean of academic advising for readmission before they can enroll for summer school.



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