The University Theatre presents 
Six Degrees of Separation 
by John Guare 
Directed by 
Sharon Andrews 

Scenic & Lighting Design by
Jonathan Christman

Costume Design by 
Lisa Weller 

Stage Manager 
Cate Calhoun* 


OUISA Jenny Harrison* 

FLAN Shane Harris* 

GEOFFREY Carter Smith* 

PAUL Kyle Haden* 

HUSTLER Raymond Soriano 

KITTY Elizabeth Thalhimer* 

LARKIN Dan Stern* 

DETECTIVE Clinton Wilburn, Jr. 

TESS Kourtney Vahle* 

WOODY Nick Kinder 

BEN Jimmy Hilburn* 

DR. FINE Drew Droege* 

DOUG Jeff Schoenheit 


TRENT Ted Rice 

RICK Bo Perry* 

ELIZABETH Tamara Payden-Travers* 

* Member of The Anthony Aston Players 

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The experience of emptiness at the center of our being is perhaps one of the most painful and yet most motivating aspects of being human. Attempts to fill that hole may have us frantically chasing money or power or celebrity. It may encourage us to justify dishonesty and deceit both with ourselves and others and create the illusion that we are getting closer to something that will make us feel better when actually we are moving further and further away from what really fills that space. On the other hand, the experience of emptiness can motivate a soulful movement inward toward who we really are, which is perhaps where true comfort lies. Imagination is the vehicle that can take us there.

I believe this idea is at the center of Six Degrees of Separation, a play rich with ideas, issues, metaphors, and messages for us in these morally confusing and scary times. Before you run screaming from the theatre thinking "Heaven save me from heavy theatre," rest assured this play is fast and funny and will, I hope, provide you with two of the healthiest ways to "fill that empty space" thought and laughter. 

One other quick thought: this play is heavily based on the behavior of a real young man. We wish him well. 

Daryl Davis 
North Carolina School of the Arts 
Winston-Salem Little Theatre 
Technical Director
Douglas W. Brown 

Costume Shop Supervisor Lisa Weller 

Audience Services Coordinator Shanda Smith 

Assistant Stage Managers
Eddie Childress*, Matt Mundy* 

Scenic Artist: Kandinsky Gretchen Kibbe

Master Carpenter Eddie Childress* 

Props Chief Tafana Fiore 

Scene Shop Assistants Eddie Childress*, Tafana Fiore, Amer Khan, Heather McClain* Katie Rief, Dan Stern* 

Scenery & Props Crew Mandy Adams, Andrew Boyd Brain Branson, Tara Cummings, Drew Dennis, Fiona Findlay, Mary Hyde, Stephen Kunkle, Meaghan Nitka, Jillian Poston, Katie Rief, John Short, Meda Tilghman, Adam Ward, Geoffrey Warren, Jon Yoder 

Costume Shop Assistants Tara Hawks, Kirstin Johnson, Erin Korey, Kate Lewis,Julia Settle, Pamela Yeager 

Costume Construction Crew Chrystal Cox, Beth Klein, Geoff Lamont, Rachael Lewis, Erin Logan, Emily Stoots, Polly Young 

Wardrobe Randall Chou*, Megan Cramer*, Erin Korey 

Electrics Assistants Cate Calhoun*, Jenny Harrison*, Edwin Howard*, Darren Linvill* 

Electrics Crew Sean Blue, Chris Cetta, Olivia Dardy, James Fitzpatrick, James Griffin, Robert O'Kelley, Phil Kwait, Tom McKiernan, DaVaughn Mellerson, Jeddson Reed,Nolan Sqwanson, Daniel Toohey 

Lightboard Operator Edwin Howard* 

Sound Design & Engineering Jim Frazier* 

Sound Operator Bill Blaney 

Publicity Assistants Tafana Fiore, Meghan Higgins*, Bo Perry*, Kourtney Vahle* 

Poster Design Jimmy Hilburn* 

Photography Bill Ray III 
Homepage photograhy Jonathan Christman

Box Office Staff Sarah Brewer, Elizabeth Rief Cheek, Kristen Eppley*, Kristine Goldhawk, Jennifer S. Harrison, Leah Homan, David Kerns, Cammie Wilson 

House Manager Elizabeth Rief Cheek 

Theatre Office Assistants Allyson Hilton, Sarah Kutner,
Jason McEnaney, Katie Parker, Ryan Scholl 

* Member of The Anthony Aston Players 

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