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Camelia & Sorin Pascu's 
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Mad Forest Program 
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In this theme year of Globalization and Diversity at Wake Forest University, we are eager to share what we have learned about the revolution and this play with the Wake Forest community.  This website presents some of the information and images of Romania and of the production process. 

Along with films, documentaries, newspaper and magazine articles, and numerous photographs, we have two consultants to the production who were actual participants in the revolution.  Camelia and Sorin Pascu emigrated to the U.S. and now reside in Winston-Salem. 

We are also happy to make the Pascus or other members of the production team available to speak to classes or in a designated fourm.  In addition, there is a 20 minute VHS video interview of Camelia Pascu. 
If you would like to arrange for a guest speaker, please contact Sharon Andrews at 758-4377.  


MAD FOREST resulted from a trip to Romania, on the heels of the infamous Romanian Revolution in 1989.  Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, the communist dictators who had transformed Romania into a police state, had been ousted and executed on Christmas Day 1989, in front of a national television audience.  Developed with students from Londonís Central School of Drama, Mad Forest is an incisive portrait of a society in turmoil that focuses on two families to reveal what life is like under a totalitarian regime and what results when the regime collapses.  The playís brief scenes are almost cinematic in their presentation of events as seen by ordinary people trying to live in peace. 
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Mad Forest Program 
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Mad Forest: 
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The Revolution 

Wake Up Romania 
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