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Camelia & Sorin Pascu's Photographs
of the Romanian Revolution 
December 1989
December 21st 1989 about an hour after "it started"
Securitate Tanks, blocking Blvd. Gm Magheru (Romana Square), Bucharest
Securitate soldiers with shields 
December 21, 1989
3-4 hours after Ceasuscu's last speech
Same location as in picture #1, different angle.  Notice the growth in the size of the crowd.  (Romana Square)  The women in white (center left) is taking flowers to the securitate soldiers across the plaza. 

December 22, 1989 about 5 p.m.
Now we know the army is on our side. 
People are taking food and socializing with the Soldiers on the tanks. 
The "comunist Party's Central Committe" building is in the background. 
December 26, 1989
People standing and watching gunfire in the far end. (Calea Victorie)

Late--December, 1989
Gunfire damage on building in the central area. 

Late December 1989 
Tanks in front of the Central Academic Library 

The Central Academic Library destroyed by gunfire durning the "terrorists attacks" 

The Royal Palace- also damaged by gunfire. 
It housed the Art Museum.  Many paintings (including a couple of Goya's) were damaged. 
Late-  December 1989
Removing Lenin's Stautue

Removing Lenin's statue 
"Spit here"
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