Emile poster Emilie at desk
Emilie explaining to Voltaire Emilie:
La Marquise Du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight

by Lauren Gunderson
April 6-7 & 11-15, 2012

Director - Sharon Andrews
Scenic Designer - P. K. Ransbottom*
Costume Designer - Lisa Weller
Choreographer - Christina Tsoules Soriano
Assistant Director - Christopher Gonzalez La Corte§*
Lighting Designer - Jonathan Christman
Sound Designer - Dean D. Guerra*
Style & Vocal Coach - Leah Elyce Roy
Stage Manager - Chris Garcia*


EMILIE - Mackenzie Finnegan*
VOLTAIRE - Ryan McCarthy*
SOUBRETTE - Johanna Beach§*
GENTLEMAN 1 - Cam M. Roberts*
GENTLEMAN 2 - Mike Dempsey*
MADAM 1 - Rebecca Speas*
MADAM 2 - Sarah T. Davis*

*denotes a member of the Anthony Aston Players
§denotes a Presidental Scholar in Theatre

Voltaire and admirers

Emilie and her younger self

at the theatre


Technical Director - R. Trevor Anderson
Assistant Stage Managers - Beth Dodson, Alexandra Dudley
Properties - Chandalae Nyswonger*
Assistant Sound Designer - Hayley Greenstreet*
Assistant Costume Designer - Victoria Hill*
Master Electrician - Alex Priore*§
Electricians - Donald “Ducky” Davidson§, Jim French, Zach Pierce-Messick*§
Scene Shop Assistants - Chris Garcia*, Danielle Thorsen*§, Alex Aceituno, Donald “Ducky” Davidson§, Mara McCaffray*, Chandalae Nyswonger*, Alex Priore, Nathan Musgrove, P. K. Ransbottom*, Monty King, Mackenzie Finnegan*, Wes Hughes*, Jake Meyer*, Taylor Williams*
Welder - Nathan Musgrove
Guest Scenic Artist - Jessica Holcombe
Scenic Artists - Chandalae Nyswonger*, Ivan Mosley*, Ella Ruffel
Costume Studio Supervisor - Lisa Weller
Costume Crafts - Alice Barsony
Costume Assistants - Sara Lindsey*, Lomar Osbourne, , Alyssa Gera*, Chakayla Taylor
Wardrobe Assistant - Sarah Wheeler*
Light Board Operator- Celia Quillian§*
Sound Board Operator - Hayley Greenstreet*
Photography - Ken Bennett, Bill Ray III, Christopher Gonzalez La Corte§*
Audience Services Coordinator - Leslie Spencer
Box Office Staff - Dean D. Guerra*, Brandon Ferri, Jake Skillings, Hayden Newman, Emma Stockert, Emma Northcott, Ben Benzing
Ushers - APO Service Fraternity

Voltaire & Emilie kiss everyone reading Emilie's book
Emilie meets her new love Star gazing Emilie
Bad news Emilie dies

“The prejudice that excludes us women so universally from the sciences weighs heavily on me.  It has always astonished me that there are great nations whose laws permit us to control their fate, but there is not a single place where we are brought up to think.  This is one of the great contradictions of our times.
I confess that if I were king, I would conduct the following experiment.  I would correct this abuse that has cut short a full half of the human race.  I would get women to participate in all the privileges of humanity, especially those of the mind.”
- "The Translator's Preface" by Émilie du Châtelet (1735)

“Despite increasing educational and employment opportunities for women in recent decades, the representation of women in science remains low. Associate Professor of Chemistry (WFU) Rebecca Alexander and students in her first-year seminar are exploring why ‘Well-behaved Women Rarely Make Scientific History’ and how to make the future brighter for the next generation of female scientists.”
- Kim MaGraff interviewing Rebecca Alexander, Window on Wake, 2009

“The article began by describing an encounter, ten years earlier, that playwright Theresa Rebeck had with an established male director who told her: ‘Women don’t write good plays…Look at history: they write good novels, but as for plays, they just don’t have the knack for it.’  Rebeck described this offhand comment as “the dirty secret of the American theatre.”
- Theatre Journal, Editorial Comment, December 2010

Well…it has been a pleasure and a privilege to bring to the stage this new play by a brilliant young woman playwright that shines light on a brilliant female scientist.
Perhaps we are growing ever closer to Emilie’s “experiment” and doing our part to acknowledge the   legacy of women scientist and to support the future of women playwrights and to shine a light on women who “…participate in all the privileges of humanity, especially those of the mind.”
-- Sharon Andrews


Lillian Shelton
Robert Eastman-Mullins
Eric Chapman
Brent’s Shoe Repair
UNCSA Prop Shop
WFU Dept. of Physics


all photos by Bill Ray II