Christina Tsoules Soriano
Scales Fine Arts Center, 203
Christina Tsoules Soriano
Associate Professor, Dance

Originally from Worcester, MA, Christina Tsoules Soriano joined the WFU Theatre and Dance dept. in 2006 as an assistant professor of dance.  Before that, she was an adjunct instructor in the dance programs at Providence College, Salve Regina University, Trinity College and Amherst College.  She also was a member of Heidi Henderson’s Company, elephant jane.  In addition to her regular teaching load and creating new work each year for the Wake Forest Dance Company, Christina also advises Dance Minors, Presidential Scholars in Dance, and oversees the senior project for dance minors.  Each spring semester, Soriano is the artistic director for the Student Choreographic Concert. In 2008, Christina embarked on a dance tour with a newly formed dance company, CTS Dance, which featured professional and WFU-student dancers.  The tour began in Winston-Salem, and continued to Hartford, CT and Providence, RI. Soriano’s work has also been seen in NC as part of the NC Dance Festival and American Dance Festival’s “Acts to Follow” series. Her research interests include gender and performance, interdisciplinary methods of dance pedagogy, and dance composition pedagogy.  Her written work has appeared in the Jouranl of Dance Education (JODE),  the Journal of Mathematics in the Arts, Animated Magazine, and Dance Magazine.  She is also a contributing writer in Wendy Oliver’s book: /Writing About Dance/(Human Kinetics, 2010). In May, 2010, Christina taught a two-week dance class to patients with Parkinson Disease as part of a study with Glenna Batson from Winston Salem State University.   She intends to continue working with people who have PD and publish the dance curriculum she is honing for this community.  Later this summer, Christina will travel to Vienna, Austria to participate in the Impulstanz Dance Festival.  In Fall 2010, Christina will embark on choreographing new dance theatre works for students at UVA and the graduate dance students at UNC Greensboro.  She will also be performing a new duet with collaborator Amy Beasely at the NC Dance Alliance annual event in September, 2010.

Courses Taught:
Beginning Modern Dance (DCE 120)
Intermediate Modern Dance (DCE 221)
Advanced Modern Dance (DCE 222)
Movement for Men (DCE 130)
Improvisation (DCE 205)
Senior Dance Project (DCE 200)
Dance Composition (DCE 223)
20th Century Modern Dance History (DCE 203)
FYS Framed: Looking at the Moving Body in Film and Video

BA: Theatre and Dance, Trinity College, Hartford, CT
MFA: Dance, Smith College, Northampton, MA