Studio Series 2016-2017

A series of one-act plays directed by senior Theatre students
All performances in Scales Fine Arts Center’s Ring Theatre

Limited seating, tickets on sale one hour before curtain.  Tickets are $3 (price includes NC sales tax). CASH ONLY!

Late admission to Ring Theatre is not permitted!

Studio Series I

January 29-30 at 7:30 PM & January 31 at 4:30 PM

The Stronger by August Strindberg
directed by Shane Lutz
The Stronger is a short play that explores the complex range of emotions felt by Madame X when she encounters Mademoiselle Y, her husband’s former mistress, at a fashionable cafe. Calling Mademoiselle Y worn out and evil, Madame X says that the triumph of her marriage proves she is the stronger of the two — even though these words ring hollow, as she attempts to deceive only herself.

Eye of the Beholder by Kent Broadhurst
directed by Ashton Smalling
Two painters, James and Barney, work on painting a model, Leon, in their studio. The two artists use drastically different approaches to painting, inevitably clashing and leading to a heated, and humorous, debate about the meaning of art and the superiority of one approach over the other. James is meticulous while Barney is impulsive. Leon finds it increasingly difficult to maintain his composure as the verbal battle rages around him until finally, he too, joins the fray. In the end, the three come to an understanding of how they can resolve their differences- leading to a surprising climax of the play.


Studio Series II

March 19-20 at 7:30 PM & March 21 at 4:30 PM

The Tiny Closet by William Inge
directed by Jay Buchanan
Mr. Newbold has only a tiny closet to call his own.  Its contents are top secret.
Mrs. Crosby is dying to know what’s in there.
Mrs. Hergesheimer doesn’t know what she’s doing but she’s quite sure she has a right to do it.
This brief and twisted comedy questions privacy, sexuality, and justice, offering contemporary critique through theatre of the past.
Sick by Bekah Brunstetter
directed by Heather Sullivan
“B” drags her promiscuous best friend “E” with her to the clinic to get tested after an unfortunate drunken encounter. As the two girls are stuck waiting for their test results, they are haunted by their previous sexual encounters, and confronted with the realities of their futures.



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