About URECA | Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Center


MentoringURECA is an acronym for the Undergraduate REsearch and Creative Activities Center.  The URECA Center was established to promote undergraduate research and creative activity across Wake Forest College.  The Center facilitates collaboration between undergraduates and faculty, provides venues for presenting research results, and maintains a record of undergraduate scholarly activity.  To foster and support collaboration among faculty and undergraduate students, the URECA Center has several aims:

    • Provide faculty with the resources to mentor effectively and to develop collaborative relationships with undergraduates
    • Notify undergraduates and faculty of internal and external funding opportunities
    • Organize and support campus-wide activities to showcase undergraduate research and creative work, including the annual Research Day held during the fall term
    • Promote participation at professional meetings by student researchers and their faculty mentors
    • Provide opportunities for professional and social interaction throughout the academic year and summer sessions
    • Develop and employ assessment tools to track participation in and outcomes of undergraduate scholarly activity
    • Provide incentives for students and faculty who engage in meaningful collaborative activities

Scholarly goals supported by URECA programs:

    • Development of critical thinking skills
    • Commitment to a topic of interest
    • Close collaboration with active faculty members who are leading scholars
    • Application of knowledge to real-world situations
    • Clarification of career goals, graduate and post-graduate aspirations
    • Proficiency in writing, oral presentation, performing, and organizing exhibits
    • Interactive skills through informal workshops and social events