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Undergraduate Biotechnology Research Fellowship

We’d like to remind you that the Center will again offer the Undergraduate Biotechnology Research Fellowship grant program this spring to support student science and engineering research and foster interest in and preparation for careers in biotechnology. Undergraduate research funded in this program must have strong relevance to biotechnology science, technology, and applications; and must fall into one of three different tracks:

  • Industry-Relevant Projects should directly involve industry. Examples include research internships at companies or on-campus research on a problem for a specific company or on an application demonstrably near commercialization.
  • Collaborative Projects should involve research collaborations between laboratories, departments or institutions; or permit students to work on projects at site(s) outside their home departments.  Interdisciplinary research collaborations are especially encouraged.
  • Regionally-Relevant Projects should focus on problems relevant to the needs, and/or biotechnology-related industry important to a specific region in North Carolina (e.g., marine biotechnology, natural products).

In addition, the Center will also be offering anAgricultural Biotechnology Undergraduate Research Fellowship thanks to support fromCotton Incorporated, the research and marketing company representing America’s cotton producers. Undergraduate research funded in this program must have strong relevance to agricultural biotechnology-related science and applications of technology. Research using a cotton system or directly applicable to the cotton industry is encouraged.

Application guidelines and instructions and a printable flyer will be posted on the Center’s website by Monday November 22nd, 2010. Applications for both programs will be due at noon on February 16, 2011, with notification of awards by April 1:

Any public or private four-year college or university in North Carolina may submit separate applications for up to three students for the Undergraduate Biotechnology Research Fellowship and up to two students for the Agricultural Biotechnology Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Institutions are expected to coordinate their student selection process.  Fellowships are $5,000 per student ($5,500 for the Agricultural Biotechnology Undergraduate Research Fellowship) and can be allocated to student and faculty stipends, travel, and/or student research support. Award period is from May 2011 to May 2012.

Student Fellows will be required to:

  • Work a minimum of 400 hours on their research
  • Present a paper or poster at an appropriate professional conference;
  • Attend a regional, state, or national meeting on the business aspects of biotechnology.

Key information that applications will need to include (among other items):

  • Student and research mentor resumes;
  • Description of student research projects, objectives and work schedules;
  • Letters of recommendation for students;
  • Letters of commitment from students and mentors.

We welcome your interest in this program.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Best regards,
John Balchunas, Workforce Development Director
North Carolina Biotechnology Center