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Funding and Fellowships

The URECA Center supports mentored scholarship through several mechanisms. The Wake Forest Research Fellowships support 10 weeks of full-time mentored work by Wake Forest undergraduates, typically on the Reynolda campus. The Wake Forest Arts & Humanities Research Fellowships support 5 weeks of summer work by students mentored by faculty in Division I, II, or III of Wake Forest College. Richter Fellowships support independent summer projects that are typically carried out at international destinations. Applications are due this year on February 12, 2015. Download materials here:

2016 Wake Forest Research Fellowship Application

2016 Arts & Humanities Fellowship Application

2016 Fellowship Mentor Endorsement

2016 Richter Fellowship Application

The STARR travel grants (up to $700) are provided to support student participation in discipline-specific conferences. These are accepted and awarded on a rolling basis. The application is here:

STARR Travel Grant Application Details

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) contributes funds from athletics to enhance scholarship of undergraduates through the Inter-institutional Academic Collaborative (ACC-IAC). The ACC-IAC Fellowship Program in Creativity and Innovation supports research, artistic, and scholarly activities that may be collaborative, international, or multi-institutional. The deadline for the 2015 Fellowship program is February 2, 2016. The deadline for the 2016 ACC-IAC Summer Collaborative Research Scholars Award is February 12, 2016. Applicants who do not receive funding may then consider applying to the Richter, Wake Forest Research Fellowship, or Arts & Humanities Fellowship programs, as appropriate. Download the ACC-IAC program announcement here for application requirements:

2016 ACC-IAC Creativity and Innovation Announcement

2016 ACC-IAC Creativity and Innovation Application

2016 ACC-IAC Summer Collaborative Research Scholars Application