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Oral Presentations


 Undergraduate Research Day

Oral Presentations: Session A

409 Benson University Center


Hannah Alms                                                         3:30-3:40

An Evolution of Her Days: Eleanor Roosevelt and the “My Day” Column

Lee Larson                                                            3:40-3:50

William Shakespeare’s Classical Inspiration: The Greco-Roman Heritage in Elizabethan Theatre

Paul Michelle                                                         3:50-4:00                                         

Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Parenthood: The Question of Allo-transplantation of Spermatogonial Stem Cells

Zachary Thomas                                                    4:00-4:10

Hurricane Sandy Impact on New York City Non-Profit Organizations

Timothy Lee                                                          4:10-4:20

The Medical Implications of Robotics with Painting

Victoria Britt                                                         4:20-4:30

Life Study Research in Sri Lankan Tamils

Faculty Moderator: Cindy Gendrich, Department of Theatre 


Undergraduate Research Day

Oral Presentations: Session B

410 Benson University Center


Rachel Brown                                                        3:30-3:40

Citizenship Documentation and Exploitation: Thailand-Myanmar Border

Alex Buchholz                                                        3:40-3:50

The Geopolitics of Energy: Conflict and Cooperation in Caspian Sea States

Bennett Heine                                                        3:50-4:00

New Caste: The Role of Tailoring Work in Identity Formation within the Damai Occupational Subcaste

Chelsea Hopson                                                     4:00-4:10

Situational Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Nigeria: a London Experience

David Inczauskis                                                   4:10-4:20

Aiding Honduras’ Youth: An NGO’s Perspective on Poverty and Orphaned Children

John Allen Riggins                                                 4:20-4:30

Culture, Ideology, and Language in Moroccan Media

Faculty Moderator: Thomas Brister, Department of Politics and International Affairs