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Wake Forest Arts & Humanities Research Fellowship

Wake Forest Arts & Humanities Fellowship

Wake Forest Research Fellowships (WFA&HF) are designed to provide students with the opportunity to participate in intensive scholarship under the mentorship of a Wake Forest University faculty member during the summer months.  Applications must be written by the student (see the link to the form, below), though it is expected that the content of the project will evolve from conversations between the student and the faculty mentor.

The WFA&HF will support half-summer (5 week) projects mentored by Reynolda College faculty in Divisions I (Humanities), II (Literature), and III (Fine Arts).  Students who anticipate that their mentored projects will last the entire summer are encouraged to apply for the Wake Forest Research Fellowship, which accepts applications from all divisions in the College.

If awarded, the WFA&HF supports:20090811research3640

  • A $2000 stipend to the undergraduate fellow.
  • Housing for one summer session on the WFU campus (if requested).
  • Up to $500 in supplies, to be used on the scholarly project.

Important details to consider:

  • Students applying for the WFA&HF must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Applications require the full consent of a faculty mentor.
  • The fellowship must span at least 5 weeks of the summer months.
  • Housing on campus during your research will follow the same schedule as Summer School. The URECA Center will only cover the cost of your portion of a double occupancy room. If you choose to request a single occupancy room, you would be responsible for paying the difference.
  • The fellowship is meant to provide an intensive scholarly experience for the student.  Students who receive a WFA&HF may not take a summer session class, nor have additional employment, during the summer session that they are engaged in the mentored project.
  • Applications are due February 12th, 2016.

Students should complete the Arts & Humanities application found here: 2016 Arts & Humanities Application. The faculty mentor statement will be emailed automatically to your mentor(s) when your application is submitted. Proposals and faculty mentor statements of support are due by February 12, 2016. Please contact Monique O’Connell via email (oconneme@wfu.edu) if you have any questions.