Faculty and Staff

Core Faculty

Dr. Wanda Balzano
A114 Tribble Hall
(336) 758-4455

Dr. Shannon Gilreath
3203A Worrell Professional Center
(336) 758-6114

Dr. Kristina Gupta
Tribble A115
(336) 758-5621

Rotating Core Faculty

Dr. Sally Barbour
529 Greene Hall
(336) 758-5486

Dr. Bernadine Barnes
Scales Fine Arts Center 106
(336) 758-5303

Dr. Michaelle Browers
C306 Tribble Hall
(336) 758-3535

Dr. Mary Dalton
027 Carswell Hall
(336) 758-6120

Dr. Catherine Harnois
222 Carswell Hall
(336) 758-7283

Dr. David Phillips
ZSR Library 301
(336) 758-4951



Visiting Assistant Professors

Dr. Angela Kocze
Tribble A113
(336) 758-2027

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Maureen Eggert
Wake Forest School of Law
2214 Worrell Professional Ctr
(336) 758-5072

Dr. Gary Ljungquist
Tribble Hall
(336) 758-3758

Dr. Teresa Smith
Associate Professor of Sociology
Salem College
(336) 917-5005

Professor Emerita

Dr. Mary DeShazer


Affiliates in WGS

Dr. Angela Mazaris
Director of Wake Forest University LGBTQ Center
Benson 218 – (336) 758-4665

Dr. Michelle Naughton
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Tribble A105 – (336) 716-2918


Activist in Residence

Dr. Patricia Willis
Women’s and Gender Studies
Tribble A122 – (336) 758-3533



Dr. Sherri Lawson Clark
Carswell Hall
(336) 758-3556


Cross Listed Faculty

Dr. Rebecca Alexander, Chemistry

Dr. Sharon Andrews, Theatre

  • Window on Women’s and Gender Studies

Officer Laurel Banks, University Police

  • Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)

Dr. Phillip Batten, Psychology

  • Human Sexuality

Dr. Alessandra Beasley, Communications

    • Special Topics: Politics of Difference
    • Where Are You From?

Dr. Margaret Bender, Anthropology

  • Language and Gender

Dr. Susan Borwick, Music

    • Women and Music
    • Independent Study

Dr. Rian Bowie, English

    • Studies in African-American Literature
    • Slavery in the 20th and 21st Century Black Immigration

Dr. Stephen Boyd, Religion

    • Culture & Religion in Contemporary Native America
    • Men’s Studies and Religion
    • Gender and Religion

Dr. Michaelle Browers, Political Science

    • Feminist Political Thought
    • Multiculturalism in Literature and Political Theory

Dr. Hana Brown, Sociology

  • Race and Ethnic Relations

Dr. Alan Cameron, Counseling Center

  • Internships: Prepare Only

Dr. Simone Caron, History

    • Gender in Modern America
    • Race, Class, and Gender in American History

Dr. Jill Crainshaw, Divinity

  • Gender and Religion

Dr. J.K. Curry, Theater

  • Women Playwrights

Dr. Chanchal Dadlani, Art

  • Topics in Gender and Art: Women, Art, and Islam

Dr. Patricia Dixon, Music

  • Special Topic: Arts and Activism

Dr. Mary Foskett, Religion

    • Beyond Virgin and Prostitute – Feminist Reconstructions of the Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
    • Feminist and Contemporary Interpretations of the New Testament

Dr. Dean Franco, English

    • American Jewish Literature
    • Multiculturism in Literature and Political Theory
    • Studies in Chicano/a Literature

Dr. Candelas Gala, Romance Languages

  • Contemporary Women Novelists

Dr. Mary Gerardy, Student Life

    • Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)
    • Window on Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Michele Gillespie, History

  • Daughters of the South

Dr. Stavroula Glezakos, Philosophy

  • Feminist Philosophy

Dr. Catherine Harnois, Sociology

    • Contemporary Families
    • Gender in Society
    • Social Inequality

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Hardcastle, Romance Languages

  • Special Topics: Almodovar, the Legacy

Dr. Katy Harriger, Political Science

  • Women and Politics

Dr. Catherine Harris, Sociology

  • Gender in Society

Dr. Sandya Hewamanne, Anthropology

  • Feminist Anthropology

Dr. Jefferson Holdridge, English

  • Irish Literature in the Twentieth Century: Gender and Aesthetics in Contemporary Irish Literature

Officer Jeff Holleman, University Police

  • Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)

Dr. Linda Howe, Romance Languages

  • Special Topics: Ethnicity in Latin and U.S. Latino Culture and Society

Dr. Judith Irwin-Madera, English

  • Studies in African-American Literature

Dr. Leah Kinberg, Religion

  • Topics in Islam: Islam and Gender

Dr. Charles McGraw, History

    • Special Topics: History of Mestizo America: Sexuality, Borders and the Color Line
    • Colloquium: Historical Roots of Diversity

Dr. Robert McNamara, Counseling

  • Internships: Prepare Only

Dr. Roberta Morosini, Romance Languages

  • Italian Women and the City: A Topography of Memory

Dr. Ron Neal, Religion

  • Religion, Culture, and Gender

Dr. Gillian Overing, English

  • Origins of Difference – Literature and History

Dr. Mary Pendergraft, Classical Languages

  • Women in Antiquity

Dr. Nathan Plageman, History

  • Gender in African History

Dr. Tanisha Ramachandran, Religion

  • South Asian Women, Religion, Culture, and Politics

Dr. Jessica Richard, English

  • Individual Authors: Jane Austen

Dr. Luis Roniger, Political Science

  • Introduction to Latin American Studies

Dr. Catherine Seta, Psychology

  • Stereotyping and Prejudice

Dr. Robin Simon, Sociology

  • Sociology of Emotion

Christina Soriano, Theatre & Dance

Dr. Ana-Marie Wahl, Sociology

    • Race and Ethnic Diversity in America (AES)
    • Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Race and Ethnic Diversity in American Society

Dr. Ulrike Wiethaus, Religion

  • Culture & Religion in Contemporary Native America
  • Innovation and Inclusivity
  • Perspective on the Middle Ages
  • Theology and Sexual Embodiment
  • Gay and Lesbian Literature and Culture
  • Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Charles Wilkins, History

  • Nation, Faith, and Gender in the Middle East

Dr. Margaret Zulick, Communication

  • American Rhetorical Movements to 1900
  • American Rhetorical Movements Since 1900




Administrative Coordinator
A106A Tribble Hall

Scott Claybrook
Instructional Technologist
C101 Tribble Hall
Personal website

Daniela Benitez
Student Assistant
Tribble A106A – (336) 758-3758

Brenda Bliadze
Student Assistant
Tribble A106A – (336) 758-3758

Ja’el Knott
Student Assistant
Tribble A106A – (336) 758-3758

Clara Ortega
Student Assistant
Tribble A106A – (336) 758-3758

Charlotte Van Schenck
Student Assistant
Tribble A106A – (336) 758-3758