Crosslisted Faculty

Dr. Nicholas Albertson, Japanese
Gender in Japanese Literature

Dr. Rebecca Alexander, Chemistry

Dr. Sharon Andrews, Theatre
Window on Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Officer Laurel Banks, University Police
Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)

Dr. Sally Barbour, Romance Languages
African Carribbean Literature

Dr. Bernadine Barnes, Art History
Topics in Gender and Art: Renaissance Women: Artists, Viewers, Images

Dr. Phillip Batten, Psychology
Human Sexuality

Dr. Alessandra Beasley, Communications
Special Topics: Politics of Difference
Where Are You From?

Dr. Margaret Bender, Anthropology
Language and Gender

Dr. Susan Borwick, Music
Women and Music
Independent Study

Dr. Rian Bowie, English
Studies in African-American Literature
Slavery in the 20th and 21st Century Black Immigration

Dr. Stephen Boyd, Religion
Culture & Religion in Contemporary Native America
Men’s Studies and Religion
Gender and Religion

Dr. Anne Boyle, English
Studies in Women and Literature

Dr. Michaelle Browers, Political Science
Feminist Political Thought
Multiculturalism in Literature and Political Theory

Dr. Hana Brown, Sociology
Race and Ethnic Relations

Dr. Simone Caron, History
Gender in Modern America
Race, Class, and Gender in American History

Dr. Sherri Lawson Clark, Anthropology
Race and Ethnic Diversity in America

Dr. Jill Crainshaw, Divinity
Gender and Religion

Dr. J.K. Curry, Theater
Women Playwrights

Dr. Chanchal Dadlani, Art
Topics in Gender and Art: Women, Art, and Islam

Patricia Dixon, Music
Special Topic: Arts and Activism

Dr. Mary Foskett, Religion
Beyond Virgin and Prostitute – Feminist Reconstructions of the Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Feminist and Contemporary Interpretations of the New Testament

Dr. Dean Franco, English
American Jewish Literature
Multiculturism in Literature and Political Theory
Studies in Chicano/a Literature

Dr. Candelas Gala, Romance Languages
Contemporary Women Novelists

Dr. Mary Gerardy, Student Life
Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)
Window on Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Dr. Michele Gillespie, History
Daughters of the South

Dr. Stavroula Glezakos, Philosophy
Feminist Philosophy

Dr. Catherine Harnois, Sociology
Contemporary Families
Gender in Society
Social Inequality

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Hardcastle, Romance Languages
Special Topics: Almodovar, the Legacy

Dr. Katy Harriger, Political Science
Women and Politics

Dr. Catherine Harris, Sociology
Gender in Society

Dr. Sarah Hogan, English
Studies in English Renaissance Literature: Early Modern Women Writers

Dr. Jefferson Holdridge, English
Irish Literature in the Twentieth Century: Gender and Aesthetics in Contemporary Irish Literature

Officer Jeff Holleman, University Police
Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)

Dr. Alyssa Howards, German and Russian
German Women Writers

Dr. Linda Howe, Romance Languages
Special Topics: Ethnicity in Latin and U.S. Latino Culture and Society

Dr. Judith Irwin-Madera, English
Studies in African-American Literature

Dr. Stephanie Koscak, History
Fashion in the Atlantic Revolution

Beth Montplaisir, SAFE Office

Dr. Roberta Morosini, Romance Languages
Italian Women and the City: A Topography of Memory

Dr. Ron Neal, Religion
Religion, Culture, and Gender

Dr. Gillian Overing, English
Origins of Difference – Literature and History

Dr. Mary Pendergraft, Classical Languages
Women in Antiquity

Dr. Michael C. Pisapia, Politics
Women, Gender and Politics

Dr. Nathan Plageman, History
Gender in African History

Dr. Tanisha Ramachandran, Religion
South Asian Women, Religion, Culture, and Politics

Dr. Jessica Richard, English
Individual Authors: Jane Austen

Dr. Luis Roniger, Political Science
Introduction to Latin American Studies

Dr. Catherine Seta, Psychology
Stereotyping and Prejudice

Dr. Robin Simon, Sociology
Sociology of Emotion

Dr. Christina Soriano, Theatre & Dance

Dr. Erica Still, English
Studies in African-American Literature

Dr. Ana-Marie Wahl, Sociology
Race and Ethnic Diversity in America (AES)
Race and Ethnic Relations
Race and Ethnic Diversity in American Society

Dr. Ulrike Wiethaus, Religion
Culture & Religion in Contemporary Native America
Innovation and Inclusivity
Perspective on the Middle Ages
Theology and Sexual Embodiment
Gay and Lesbian Literature and Culture
Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Charles Wilkins, History
Nation, Faith, and Gender in the Middle East

Dr. Mir Yarfitz, History
Prostitutes, Machos and Travestis: Sexuality and Gender in Modern Latin American History

Dr. Margaret Zulick, Communication
American Rhetorical Movements to 1900
American Rhetorical Movements Since 1900