Summer 2014 Course Schedule

Courses Offering WGS Credit

Summer Session I (05/27-07/07)

ENG 351A/ENG 651 Special Topics: Studies in Romanticism – Gender and the Global Gothic (3hr)
Elizabeth Way
MTWRF   10:00am-12:05pm
This course will explore the role that gender played in a Goth movement so cosmopolitan in its reach.  It will include literary works from Britain, Germany, France, Russia, the Caribbean, and America which address gender matters in their works in light of political, scientific, religious, socio-economic, and racial debates of their time (D)


PSY 265 Human Sexuality  (3 hr)
Phillip Batten
MTWRF  8:00-9:15 am
An exploration of the psychological and physiological aspects of human sexuality, with attention to sexual mores, sexual deviances, sexual dysfunction, and sex-related roles.  P-PSY 151.


Summer Session II (07/08-08/09)

SOC 153   Contemporary Families (3 Hr)
Catherine Harnois
MTWRF 12:15-1:30pm
This course examines the social basis of the family, emphasizing the problems growing out of modern conditions and social change. (D).