Upcoming Contemplative Pedagogy Events

Yesterday we introduced the idea of contemplative pedagogy and offered a working definition of this teaching practice. We said that, although you may be new to it, contemplative pedagogy is rooted in some very old techniques. You may be thinking, “who on earth would want to study this?” Well, a lot of people, actually. And […]

Contemplative Pedagogy?

            Folks at WFU, including faculty in the Writing Program, are gearing up to celebrate contemplative pedagogy with a few upcoming events focused on that topic. But what exactly is contemplative pedagogy? According to professor Eric Stottlemyer: Contemplative pedagogy incorporates the practices of meditation and introspection in the classroom in order to […]

On the Writing Process

Post from Professor Laura Giovanelli As a teacher of writing who also tries to write, I think a lot about how we get it done. Writers’ processes, that is. My process. My students’ processes. Other writers’ processes. How do we go from a fuzzy notion–what Roland Barthes called a “seed,” the beginning of writing–to a […]

Why Should I Minor in Writing?

On Tuesday, we talked about the new interdisciplinary Writing Minor. We said that interdisciplinary means that it spans across multiple disciplines or branches of learning. We shared that “Students in the interdisciplinary Writing Minor will develop their academic, critical, and rhetorical writing skills in ways that enhance their major courses of study.” And we let you […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

                    epeolatry, n. “The worship of words.” “As an epeolatry, he read the ‘word of the day’ email first thing every morning.” “epeolatry, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2014. Web. 2 September 2014.

What is the Interdisciplinary Writing Minor Anyway?

Recently, the Writing Program unveiled its new Interdisciplinary Writing Minor. interdisciplinary, adj. “Of or pertaining to two or more disciplines or branches of learning; contributing to or benefiting from two or more disciplines.” Hey WFU students, come to the open house on October 21 to learn more about the interdisciplinary writing minor. “interdisciplinary, adj.” OED Online. […]

Writing Minor Open House — Oct. 21 @ 5:30