Wednesday’s Word of the Week

                  perendinate, v. “To defer until the day after tomorrow; to postpone for a day.” He decided to perendinate on his paper just a few more days. “I work better under pressure anyway,” he said. “perendinate, v.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, September 2015. Web. 16 September […]

Tuesday’s Tip: The Writing Process

Author Hannah Richell once described her writing process as reading a lot, writing a lot, and deleting a lot. What is your writing process? Do you jump right into the middle, or do you focus on the first few lines before moving on? If you’re not sure how you best approach the writing process, it […]

“First-Year College Writing Courses Matter”

A recent opinion article from a news source out of Cleveland claimed just that: “first-year college writing courses matter.” The author went on to share the benefits college students gain from their first-year writing courses saying that, “good things happen in First-Year Writing classes. And none of them involves a red pen.” “Through the give-and-take […]

Flashback Friday

For today’s Flashback Friday, we wanted to share some of our favorite posts from last fall. All of our previous posts can be found in our archives. Professor Phoebe Zerwick shared pieces she wrote for the Winston Salem Journal, Fleeing Syria. We shared a graphic about how to work our your mental muscles. Speaking of […]

International Literacy Day

Yesterday was International Literacy Day and Grammarly celebrated by sharing some great information. Check it out below.

From the Archives: Avoiding Techno Distraction

We’ve all been there. Putting off an assignment, thinking we have all the time in the world. And then when we finally sit down to write a paper, obviously at the last minute, we can’t get away from all the techno distractions! From Facebook and youtube, Twitter to Instagram, distractions are everywhere. So what’s a […]

We’re Open!

Our doors unlocked today for appointments at 10am! We will have limited hours this week with our full schedule available soon. Need an appointment? Head here to log in or create an account. Need help? Email or call 336-758-5768.  

Welcome to Fall 2015!

Whether you’re starting your first week of classes as a first-year student or you’re back for your final year (or a victory lap), we are so glad to have you here for a brand new semester! We’re getting ready to open the center with limited hours on Monday August 31, and we will have the new schedule […]

Reflections from a Graduating Tutor

“My time at the writing center has really shaped how I view myself as a writer, and writing in general. Everyone needs to learn how to write well–it doesn’t matter if you’re going into business, science, literature, or something else, being able to clearly express your thoughts to others is a necessity in every field. […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

                deluge, n. “A great flood or overflowing of water, a destructive inundation. (Often used hyperbolically, e.g. of a heavy fall of rain.)” “He was facing a deluge of assignments and was starting to feel overwhelmed. There’s less than a month left of the semester!” “deluge, n.” OED Online. […]