Tuesday’s Tip: Love/Hate Writing

I had to laugh out loud when I read the title of a blog post from Crew: Dear Writing, I hate you: Lessons from 7 famous authors who hated their job. Wow. Just wow. It’s no secret that writing is a hard job. “Despite their successes, there are hundreds of famous authors and writers out there […]

Tuesday’s Tip (from the archives): Repetition

This edition of Tuesday’s Tips is brought to us by Dr. Ryan Shirey, the Director of the WFU Writing Center. One concern that students often have is that they are repeating themselves, either in word or idea, over the course of an essay. While repetition is not an inherently bad thing (and can quite often […]

Tuesday’s Tip: Daily Writing Tips

  We recently stumbled upon a great site and had to share — Daily Writing Tips. A new tip, a quick tip, every day. You’re welcome!    

“I” is Okay

Today’s post comes from Dr. Adam Kadlac, Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy One of the most frequent questions I get from students about their writing assignments is: “Can we use the first person?” Perhaps writing in my discipline is more conversational than other disciplines, but an overly impersonal style (of the sort that seems to be […]

Tuesday’s Tip: The Writing Process

Author Hannah Richell once described her writing process as reading a lot, writing a lot, and deleting a lot. What is your writing process? Do you jump right into the middle, or do you focus on the first few lines before moving on? If you’re not sure how you best approach the writing process, it […]

From the Archives: Avoiding Techno Distraction

We’ve all been there. Putting off an assignment, thinking we have all the time in the world. And then when we finally sit down to write a paper, obviously at the last minute, we can’t get away from all the techno distractions! From Facebook and youtube, Twitter to Instagram, distractions are everywhere. So what’s a […]

Tips for Writing “Good”

A little humor to start your Tuesday!

Tuesday’s Tip

…And What to do After Your Appointment

Yesterday we shared a few tips for making the most of your Writing Center appointment. Now here are a few tips for what do to do once those 50 minutes are over. Schedule follow-up appointment. If you think you still need more help on your paper, make sure to set up another appointment for later in […]

Making the Most of Your Appointment

Hope you had a great spring break! But now it’s back to the grind. We typically see an increase in appointments after spring break as students buckle down and prepare for those final papers and projects of the semester. Interested in coming to the Writing Center? Here’s a few things you can do to make […]