Good Luck!

Happy Reading Day! Here’s wishing you a successful finals week (and, of course, you can always come see us in the Writing Center if you need help). And now for a few of our favorite finals week memes to get us ready!

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

cogitation, n. “The action of thinking or reflecting; attentive consideration, reflection, meditation.” “As the semester came to a close, the student spent time in cogitation as she fondly thought back over the great year.” “cogitation, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2014. Web. 30 April 2014.

Tuesday’s Tip

Last week we shared a faculty interview with Zak Lancaster. Zak had one more piece of advice to share…  Do you have any advice for a student who finds it hard to start writing? Yes, I have an abstract piece of advice and several concrete, specific things. My abstract advice is to find a way […]

Finals Week Schedule

It’s hard to believe it’s almost finals! In order to help you with those last papers and essays, our finals week schedule is up and ready. There are two ways to find the finals schedule. First, you can select it when you log into WCOnline. Or, you can select it from the drop-down menu at […]

Friday Flashback

Happy Friday! Here’s a look back at our week here at the Active Voice. - On Monday we featured Professor Zak Lancaster.- Tuesday we shared a tip for using Zotero to make citing sources easier.- Wednesday was a new word of the week.- On Thursday we shared some unique inspiration. Here’s wishing you a great weekend!  

A Daily Dose of Inspiration

We recently stumbled upon a really neat campaign put on by Shared Worlds called Hand in Hand. According to their website, “Some days you just need a little nudge…a simple reminder that you’re not alone on this path you’ve chosen. Maybe you want help getting out of a plot hole or breaking through a block […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

circumlocution, n. “a. Speaking in a roundabout or indirect way; the use of several words instead of one, or many instead of few. b. a roundabout expression.” In order to avoid punishment, the student tried circumlocution when telling his professor why his paper was so late. “circumlocution, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2014. Web. 23 April 2014.