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Welcome to the Active Voice Blog, the official blog of the Wake Forest University Writing Center. You can find all the information you need about the Center around our main site, but this space is reserved for students, faculty, and staff to share perspectives on writing practices and processes. We hope you’ll find something here […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

amphiboly, n. “Ambiguous discourse; a sentence which may be construed in two distinct senses.” “Her response to her boyfriend saying ‘I love you” for the first time was quite an amphiboly, which is exactly what she meant to do.” “amphiboly, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, September 2015. Web. 22 September 2015.

Writing a Critical Essay

Writing Minor Open House – We’d love to see you there!

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

argute, adj. “Of persons, faculties, actions, etc.: Quick, sharp, keen, subtle, shrewd, esp. in small matters.” “He enjoyed talking to her because she was an argute conversationalist and could keep up with his wit.”  

Flashback Friday

Happy Homecoming! Here’s a look back our week on the blog. On Monday we shared a guest post from Prof. Adam Kadlac about using “I” in your writing. Tuesday was a tip about a website full of tips. And Wednesday meant a new word. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

canorous, adj. “Singing, melodious, musical; resonant, ringing.” “The little bird had such a canorous song, it started to draw a crowd.” “canorous, adj.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, September 2015. Web. 22 September 2015.

Tuesday’s Tip: Daily Writing Tips

  We recently stumbled upon a great site and had to share — Daily Writing Tips. A new tip, a quick tip, every day. You’re welcome!    

“I” is Okay

Today’s post comes from Dr. Adam Kadlac, Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy One of the most frequent questions I get from students about their writing assignments is: “Can we use the first person?” Perhaps writing in my discipline is more conversational than other disciplines, but an overly impersonal style (of the sort that seems to be […]

Friday Flashback

TGIF! Here’s a look back at our week on Active Voice. On Monday we shared an opinion piece about why first-year college writing courses matter. Tuesday was about finding your own writing process. Wednesday was all about a new word. And on Thursday, Professor Gellar-Goad shared a piece called “Who Will Watch the Watchers.” Have a […]

Who Will Watch the Watchers?

Today’s post comes from Dr. Gellar-Goad, Assistant Professor of Classical Languages You’ve probably heard this potent rhetorical question somewhere.  It’s the slogan behind the famous comics-turned-movie Watchmen[1], it’s the title of an episode of Star Track: Next Generation[2] and of a Hitler novel by Edwin Fadiman[3], and it’s quoted by pundits across[4] the political spectrum[5], […]