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Welcome to the Active Voice Blog, the official blog of the Wake Forest University Writing Center. You can find all the information you need about the Center around our main site, but this space is reserved for students, faculty, and staff to share perspectives on writing practices and processes. We hope you’ll find something here […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

                  discalced, adj. “Barefoot; without shoes.” “She longed for spring when she could be discalced and lay in the quad on a sunny day.” “discalced, adj.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, December 2014. Web. 4 March 2015.

Tuesday’s Tip: Where To Start Writing

Last semester, we featured Professor Zak Lancaster. We found a great piece of advice that never got shared from his interview, so we thought we’d publish that for you today! Do you have any advice for a student who finds it hard to start writing? Yes, I have an abstract piece of advice and several concrete, […]

National Geographic Feature

Our amazing Phoebe Zerwick (associate teaching professor in the writing program) recently had an article published in National Geographic. In “Fleeing the War, ” Phoebe shares the story of a family who fled from Syria and is now building a new life in Greensboro. It’s a wonderful piece that brings a human element to the war-torn country […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

                  chiaroscuro, n. “The style of pictorial art in which only the light and shade, and not the various colours, are represented; black-and-white, or dark brown and white. A sketch in black and white.” “During his spare time between classes, Tom filled up his sketch book with chiaroscuros of his […]

Grammarly’s Top 6 Grammar Mistakes

What would you say are your most frequent grammar mistakes? Check out Grammarly’s list of the Top 6 Common College Grammar Mistakes. And if you find yourself struggling with these issues (or more), you can always make an appointment with us!

Flashback Friday

What a week! We have been selling handmade letterpress Valentines to benefit the YMCA literacy initiative. Still need to pick up notes for your valentine (or friends, or mom)? We have them in ZSR 426 all day! Here’s a look back at our week on Active Voice. – On Monday, we kicked off our Love Letters […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

                  accismus, n. “The pretended refusal of something one keenly desires.” “He pretended to hardly notice her, trying not to catch her eye during WRI 111. It may seem that he didn’t like her, but in reality, he really wanted to ask if she’d be his valentine.” “accismus, […]

How to Write a Love Letter

If you haven’t heard, we’re selling handmade letterpress valentines all week to benefit the YMCA Literacy Initiative. But where on earth did that tradition come from? According to Wikipedia, what began as a religious holiday, Valentine’s Day started to be associated with love around the Middle Ages. Written valentines first appeared in the 1400 and […]

Love Letters for Literacy Starts Today!

We couldn’t be more excited for Love Letters for Literacy which starts today! Amazing handmade cards for an amazing cause. $5 and all proceeds go to the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina Literacy Initiative. We have over 30 designs, ranging from silly to serious, romantic to platonic. Choose the perfect quote, poem, image, or saying […]

Still Searching for a Valentine?

Still looking for that perfect valentine? According to a recent (totally unscientific) article by Elite Daily, if you’re looking for a lover, you might want to find someone with a book in their hand. “Ever finished a book? I mean, truly finished one? Cover to cover. Closed the spine with that slow awakening that comes […]