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Friday Flashback | Writing Center | Wake Forest University

Friday Flashback


What a week! As we enjoy the long weekend, let’s also take a look back at a full week of poetry celebration!
– On Monday, Professor Eric Ekstrand shared his thoughts on how poetry has shaped language.
Tuesday, Professor Elisabeth Whitehead talked about poetry exercises.
– Another Wednesday, another word.
– On Thursday, we shared a poet from one of our very own Writing Center tutors. We also talked about ways you can celebrate National Poetry Month.

We’ve also been doing a little reading this week.
– The Atlantic features an article about why teaching poetry is important. The article mentions that although fewer high school teachers are teaching poetry these days, poetry has a great ability to teach students things that prose just don’t, or don’t teach as well. “Yet poetry enables teachers to teach their students how to write, read, and understand any text. Poetry can give students a healthy outlet for surging emotions. Reading original poetry aloud in class can foster trust and empathy in the classroom community…”
– Hannah Gamble did a poetry reading last night at WFU. You can read some of her work here.
– While we shared Brooke’s original poem on Thursday, Brooke draws inspiration from her favorite poet, Sarah Kay. Read Kay’s poem Postcards here.

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Faculty Feature: Professor Zak Lancaster
The Celebration Continues