Jimmy Butts

Dr. Jimmy Butts

Jimmy Butts Jimmy Butts likes weird stuff, especially weird sentences.  He has worked with students in Charleston high schools, at Winthrop University,  Clemson University, and most recently here at Wake Forest University to get them composing in brave, new ways.  He received his PhD from the  transdisciplinary program called Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design at Clemson, and did additional graduate work at the  European Graduate School in Switzerland as an invited visiting scholar.  His research interests include formalist and poststructural composition  strategies, alternative grammars, new media, rhetorical and critical theory, defamiliarization, eschatological technologies of writing, and writing  pedagogy.  He has primarily two tracks for current book projects: one looking at surprising moments when composition starts to misbehave like  so… as;ldkq34iweoflaskdfas, and another exploring how and what we might compose within apocalyptic and eschatological scenarios.  He has  published multimodal work elsewhere in Pre-Text, The CyberText YearbookThe Digital Humanities Quarterly, for Pearson Education, and as a  proud instructor in The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects.  You can find him online at theyellowrobot.com.