Laura Aull

Dr. Laura Aull

Dr. AullSince her undergraduate studies, Professor Aull has been interested in language-level patterns that help re/construct our beliefs, our arguments, and our world. This interest led to her PhD research, in which she used corpus (computer-aided) linguistic tools and rhetorical theory to analyze representations—via word-level patterns like collocations and clusters—of U.S. cultures and students over time in university anthologies and textbooks. She continues to be interested in institutional artifacts, but she now focuses on linguistic and rhetorical analysis across time and many other genres, including digital media. She is currently working on her book project (forthcoming with Palgrave) which examines linguistic and rhetorical approaches to academic discourse, especially stance and engagement features in early university student writing in comparison with more advanced academic writing.  She teaches first-year and upper-level writing-intensive courses that share a focus on analyzing texts and rhetorical contexts.