Laura Giovanelli

C48F6671I come to teaching writing as a working writer, one who has struggled with and delighted in new language, new genres, and new audiences. I was a journalist for nine years, most recently at the Winston-Salem Journal as a features reporter. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2001 with the incongruous blend of a BA in biology and a minor in German. In 2012, I completed a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (concentration in fiction) from N.C. State University. My professional interests, therefore, are just as varied: I care about science writing, long-form journalism, and creative non-fiction; surreal and historical fiction; writing across the curriculum; and composition, the study of learning and thinking more about how college students learn to research and write, particularly in how they acquire information literacy and compose nontraditional texts such as digital videos. I am working, slowly but surely, on a historical novel set in the American Midwest of the early 20th century.