Phoebe Zerwick

Ms. ZerwickI came to teaching after a career in journalism, which means that I value clear and concise writing, great stories and the pressure of a deadline. I have written for magazines and websites, but I spent most of my working life at the Winston-Salem Journal, where I was a beat reporter, a columnist, an investigative reporter and finally state editor. I love digging into a complex story and telling it in human terms. I’ve never specialized because so many things about the world hold my attention, but over the years I developed expertise in reporting and writing on criminal justice, education and healthcare. I have a particular interest in narrative and have recently begun working in multimedia documentary, telling stories with images and written and spoken word.  I believe that all of us can learn to express ourselves in writing with clarity and in a voice that is our own. I teach writing and journalism. To learn more about my work, visit my website at: