Academic Update for College Academic Support Staff

This message was sent on March 12. 

Dear College Staff Colleagues,

This is a challenging time for our Wake Forest community and things are changing at a rapid pace. I want to thank you for the vital role you play in making sure the College operates as normally as possible under these extraordinary conditions. Relying on your expertise, adaptive skill sets, and commitment to our students and faculty allows me to rest assured that the College has incredible people to help navigate this transition in the coming weeks.

I also appreciate your patience as we issue updates regarding our policies, procedures, and advice in this shifting landscape. These next few weeks will be asking a lot from each of us, and I know that this disruption generates some uncertainty. As President Hatch and Provost Kersh have underscored in their recent messages, our plans reflect our desire to ensure the safety and well-being of all our students, faculty, and staff. Let us, as a community, embrace the measures that will best allow us to continue our teaching mission and protect everyone who works and learns at Wake Forest.

Many of you work directly with faculty, who are preparing to move their courses to a remote instruction format for an interim period. This transition means substantial work on their part on short notice. We have excellent resources to support them, including a brand new website,, and we are committed to helping every department within the College throughout this transition. We know you will be invaluable in supporting this transition as well.

While the coursework is moving remotely, staff and faculty will be able to continue working under normal operations here on campus at this time. For those staff members requiring self-quarantine measures, or who have preexisting health concerns that put them in the vulnerable population category, etc., please refer to the HR policies outlined on the coronavirus website and discuss working remotely with your supervisor.

It is also important to note that all on- or off-campus university gatherings of 50 people or more must be postponed, canceled, or continued virtually at this time. As many of you coordinate with departments on events, please make sure the appropriate changes in campus scheduling will be made.

There will be more to share with you in the coming days. I sent a letter to College Faculty as well, and I have attached it below. I so appreciate and greatly look forward to your contributions and cooperation throughout this transition period. Thank you and stay healthy!

Warmest wishes,

Michele Gillespie