College Curriculum Review Committee

Important Questions to Ask

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list and in the process of our review, it is possible that other questions may emerge. But the following represents important overarching questions that the Committee certainly intends to address going into this review.

Values and Goals

  1. What are our goals/objectives for students completing their educations at Wake Forest? What knowledge, skills, and perspectives should every student develop during their time at Wake Forest?
  2. What role does our Core curriculum (i.e., Basic and Divisional requirements) play in the overall mission of the College? What specific learning outcomes and skills is the Core meant to achieve and foster? Does the current Core reflect these objectives?
  3. How effectively does the College communicate to our students (a) the fundamental aims and benefits of a liberal arts education, and (b) how and why our Core Requirements contribute to this undertaking? Correspondingly, to what degree are our students able to articulate these goals and benefits?

Structural Features and Efficacy

  1. Should we consider new designations for WFU Gen Ed requirements (i.e., Core, Basic, and Divisional)?
  2. What percentage of students’ required hours for graduation (120) should be devoted to Core requirements? And is the current effort to have students complete the Core requirements in the first two years desirable/effective? If not, what should the timing be?
  3. Do our Divisional requirements encourage and/or enable students to make connections and synthesize their learning experiences across disciplines and fields of knowledge? If not, where/when/how would that most effectively happen? Likewise, where and when in our curriculum are students encouraged to “put the pieces together” in order to (a) better understand or solve important problems, and (b) make connections between their academic, personal, and social lives?
  4. Should we keep divisions (“areas of knowledge”), shift—as many schools have—to “modes of inquiry,” or incorporate a combination of the two?
  5. How can we improve the first year experience at Wake Forest?
  6. Assuming issues of diversity and culture are deemed important for the educational mission of the College, how should we integrate these into the Core curriculum?

Comparative Options

  1. How do our Core Requirements compare to peer and aspirational schools? What did the 2016 Best Practices Task Force learn from its study of recent curricular reviews at other schools?