College Curriculum Review Committee

Curriculum Best Practices Task Force,
January – June 2017

View the May 2017 Curriculum Best Practices Task Force Report here.


More than eleven years have elapsed since the last formal review of the college’s curriculum in 2006, so it seemed prudent to consider how well our current curriculum continues to serve our students. The principal charge of the Curriculum Best Practices Task Force was to explore the curricula of a select group of peer and aspirational universities which have undergone curricular restructuring in recent years, and to reflect upon ways that our own curriculum might differ from, or be similar to, recent curricular innovations. The Task Force assessed a wide spectrum of curricular models, from least to most proscriptive, reflecting an equally wide range of educational philosophies and goals.

The Task Force’s investigations focused on six primary curricular components:

  • Divisionals, Areas of Knowledge and Modes of Inquiry
  • The First-Year Experience
  • Cultural Diversity Requirement
  • Quantitative Literacy Requirement
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Capstone Experiences