Teaching in First-Year Programs

Brad Jones teaching first year seminar

Faculty teaching a seminar-style course targeted at first-year students in a Fall semester (e.g., FYS 100, WRI 105, WRI 111, or other seminar-sized divisional courses) can consider making this course into a Living-Learning Community (LLC). LLCs enroll first-year students who share a first-year residence hall and involve some outside of classroom activities related to the class topic and designed to build community. LLCs are a high-impact practice, enhancing sense of community and faculty-student engagement. A description of Living-Learning Communities appears on the Office of Academic Advising website. The instructor of a LLC can choose to serve as academic adviser to the students in his or her LLC, but is not required to do so.

LLCs are, by definition, for students living in a shared residence. Therefore, LLCs are hidden in WIN and enrollment is conducted by the Office of Academic Advising. Enrollment of new students into LLCs occurs in June and July of each year.

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