Student FAQ for Pass/Fail for Spring 2020

Here is information for students regarding the Spring 2020. Pass/Fail policy [last updated on April 23, 2020].

  • What majors and minors in the College are exceptions to this COVID-19 Spring 2020 Pass/Fall option?

    The extension of the Pass/Fail option will not apply to some programs, majors or courses, which have special accreditation, statutory, or contractual requirements (e.g. Engineering and Military Science). The Office of the University Registrar and the Office of Academic Advising will work closely with these departments/programs to ensure that affected students are advised of any special requirements or limitations.

  • I plan to apply to be a business major in the future. How will this Spring 2020 option affect my chance of getting into the Business School?

    We understand that first-year students may be in prerequisites such as ECN 150, MST 111 or MST 112, and/or STA 212 (MBU majors) this spring. If a first-year student elects to take a prerequisite class pass/fail, the classes will be treated as if the student received AP credit for the course. If a pass is received in the class, this will meet the School of Business admissions requirement. However, the committee will only see that your final grade was either a pass or a fail. There is no GPA or grade associated with a class taken pass/fail. For admission purposes, we will look at your grades in the other prerequisites you took at Wake, for which you received a letter grade and your cumulative GPA. Clearly, a fail in ANY prerequisite courses would necessitate a retake of the class for business school admission purposes.

  • If I elect to take any of my Spring 2020 classes Pass/Fail under the COVID-19 Spring 2020 Pass/Fail policy, will it affect my financial aid?

    Student Financial Aid anticipates formal guidance from both the US Department of Education and the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority that neither Title IV Federal Student Aid nor NC State Aid program eligibility will be affected by your election to take spring 2020 semester courses as either pass/fail or graded. Institutional need-based grants and scholarships will not be impacted. 

    If you receive an academic or talent-based scholarship, your annual renewal or continuation will not be affected by your election to take spring 2020 semester courses as either pass/fail or graded. 

    If you are an Army ROTC Scholarship recipient, please contact the Wake Forest Department of Military Science for information. If you receive federal Veterans Education benefits, please know that we are awaiting guidance from the VA, and will notify students of any guidance that we receive. Please email to if you have a more detailed question.